Visiting The Cathedral of Junk in Austin TX

The Cathedral of Junk in TexasAUSTIN, TX - Visiting The Cathedral of Junk is a great way to experience the hipster lifestyle of Austin, Texas. The Cathedral is a large art installation of 60 tons of found objects. It is located on Lareina Drive in South Austin. The artist, Vince Hannemann, has been collecting junk for a few years and filling his backyard with objects.

Visiting The Cathedral of Junk in Austin TX
Photo: Cathedral of Junk

 The Cathedral of Junk in Texas

The Cathedral of Junk is free to visit, but it is recommended that visitors bring a small donation.  Guests are also welcome to bring their drinks and snacks. Visitors should also wear closed-toed shoes.

Visitors can climb two levels of the Cathedral. The sculpture is made from various found objects, including car parts, metal, bicycle parts, tires, circuit boards, mannequins, and more. The Cathedral also includes several secret rooms. The sculpture is visually stunning and changes constantly.

Visitors must call ahead to make an appointment. The Cathedral of Junk is located in a residential neighborhood in South Austin. It is best to visit the sculpture on sunny days. There are also toilets and chairs inside the Cathedral. There are also stairs leading to the second and third-story levels. The Cathedral is wheelchair accessible.

The Cathedral of Junk is a private collection of art. Vince Hannemann is an artist who believes in keeping Austin weird. He is also the creator of the Cathedral of Junk.

The Cathedral of Junk is renowned as one of Austin's most unique tourist attractions. Visitors can expect to see colorful sculptures, various colors, and many kinds of objects.