5 Must-Try Hot Dog Spots in Michigan

Michigan's Top 5 Must-Try Hot Dog SpotsMICHIGAN - Michigan is a state that is famous for hot dogs. The classic Coney Island dog is one of the most popular foods in Michigan, and there are several unique preparations for these delicious treats. This article will discuss some of the best Michigan hot dog joints and where you can find them.

Michigan's Top 5 Must-Try Hot Dog Spots
Michigan's Top 5 Must-Try Hot Dog Spots

Best Michigan Hot Dog Joints

1. Lafayette Coney Island in Lafayette

Lafayette Coney Island in Lafayette is known as one of the best Michigan hot dog joints.  This iconic diner offers a no-frills menu with chili-topped dogs, burgers, and fries. The food is simple but delicious. The staff is friendly, and you will love the atmosphere.Lafayette Coney Island in Lafayette offers an extensive menu of hot dogs, including their famous Lafayette Special. You can order a plain one or a chili dog with bacon, onions, and mustard. The Lafayette Special has extra ground beef and onions on top. This delicious hot dog is a great value.

2. American Coney Island in Detroit

If you've been dreaming of Coney Island's classic hot dogs & fries, you can find the real thing in Detroit.  Head to the Stalwart Diner to try a hot dog on a steamed bun served with fries. This is the real thing; the best part is you can order it for takeout. This family-owned business has been around since 1917 when it opened in downtown Detroit. The restaurant serves hot dogs topped with a coney sauce and meat chili that is made on-site. The hot dogs are also served with mustard and raw onions.

3. Angelo's Famous Coney Island in Flint

The iconic Angelo's Famous Coney Island in the city of Flint, Michigan, is a landmark and household name. Since opening in 1949, the diner has been serving the Flint and Genesee County area. It has become a popular destination for visitors and locals, who come from far and wide to dine on its famous fried chicken, hot dogs, and Coney Island-style sauce. This iconic restaurant has a casual diner atmosphere, with counter seating and booths. Angelo's is located on the east side of Flint, Michigan. It opened in 1949 on Davison Road, near the General Motors factory. The restaurant has survived the city's ups and downs.

4. Starlite Diner & Coney Island in Burton

The Starlite Diner & Coney Island is in Burton, Michigan, and has been in business for over 50 years. Two generations of the same family run the restaurant and still grind the meat in-house. The menu includes various burger options, and you can create your own burger. One of Starlite's most famous items is the Flint Original Coney Island dog, which is topped with chopped onions and beef chili. The Starlite Coney Island serves breakfast daily, and lunch and dinner are available during the day.

5. Mr. Hot Dog in Bay City

If you're looking for a fast-food restaurant in Bay City, Michigan, you may want to check out Mr. Hot Dog. This establishment serves up a variety of hot dogs, onion strings, and even fish. Its prices are very reasonable, and the service is excellent. The Bay City location is unique among similar fast-food restaurants. Instead of the traditional dog, the shop sells unusual flavors like Chicago, Flint, and Grand Rapids dogs. Visitors can choose from various sauces and toppings to personalize their food. The sauce is made daily, so it's fresh and flavorful.