11 Must-Try BBQ Spots in Oklahoma

BBQ Spots in OklahomaOKLAHOMA - American barbecue is beloved globally, from melt-in-your-mouth brisket and succulent ribs doused in tubs of sauce as large as the Gulf of Mexico to Oklahoma's smoked meats, which will leave you wanting more. Here is our roundup of some of Oklahoma's top BBQ spots where we know they will satisfy your cravings.

11 of The Best BBQ Spots in Oklahoma

Where to Find the Best BBQ Spots in Oklahoma

1. Burn Co. Barbecue - Tulsa

Burn Co. Barbecue turns traditional barbecue on its head. It's a haven for those who crave a fiery twist on the classics. Forget hours bathed in hickory smoke – here, Oklahoma's finest meats meet an inferno of heat and flame, emerging with a tantalizing char and flavors that ignite your taste buds. While barbecue takes center stage, Burn Co. understands that variety is king. Devour smoked wings that set your soul ablaze, or venture beyond barbecue with dishes that celebrate the restless spirit of modern Oklahoma cuisine.

2. The Butcher BBQ Stand - Wellston

Legend whispers of a Wellston barbecue joint so good, you'll want to set up camp by the smoker. Step inside The Butcher BBQ Stand, and the hype becomes reality. From the perfectly crisped burnt ends to brisket so tender it whispers secrets as you eat, every bite is a masterclass in barbecue done right. Don't leave without trying their famous apple pie barbecue beans, a sweet and smoky symphony that surprises and delights. And those Twinkies on the side? They're the whimsical reminder that barbecue can be both seriously delicious and seriously fun.

3. Smokin Joe's Rib Ranch - Davis

Driving down Highway 77, you can't miss it – a beacon of smoke and the promise of a feast fit for a hungry rancher. Smokin' Joe's Rib Ranch is a Davis institution, a testament to the heart and soul of Oklahoma 'cue. The ribs that made 'em famous still steal the show, but that brisket... oh, that brisket. Fork-tender, with a depth of flavor that speaks of long hours bathed in oak smoke, it's the kind of barbecue that turns a stop-off into a pilgrimage.

4. Railhead BBQ - Guthrie

Some places specialize in one thing, perfecting it to an art. Railhead BBQ is one such place. Here, ribs share the spotlight with crisp, golden-brown fried chicken – a combination that feels like pure Americana. Imagine those tender, smoky ribs paired with crunchy, juicy chicken, the perfect companion for crispy fried okra and an ice-cold Shiner Bock. And tucked away on the menu? Fried rib meat, a crispy little indulgence that proves Railhead knows how to take barbecue beyond the ordinary.

5. Ray's Smokehouse - Norman

From the gridiron to the smoker, Darrol Ray, ex-NFL star and Oklahoma legend, has found a new way to win over hungry fans. Ray's Smokehouse delivers big on both flavor and game-day spirit. There's no bad play on this menu, from meat combos that let you sample the best, to ribs that practically fall off the bone, to that glorious brisket, a testament to the art of low-and-slow smoking. Come hungry, stay for the atmosphere, and leave a convert to Ray's brand of barbecue brilliance.

6. Iron Star Urban BBQ - Oklahoma City

Iron Star Urban Barbecue is a great place to enjoy a night out with friends. The atmosphere is authentically Southern here, down to the décor and service. They're as Southern in flavor as you would expect. You can order the ribs and sweet potatoes in a Dutch oven. A Must-try in Oklahoma City.

7. Van's Pig Stand - Shawnee Norman and Moore

Van's Pig Stand, or Van's to the locals, is a restaurant that started in Shawnee and now has spread into Norman. Van's Pig Stand is inside an old gas station with a vintage vibe, while each restaurant in its newer locations has its own personality. Van's Pig Stand is on the list for its spicy, smooth barbecue sauce. Van's perfectly-smoked ribs with just the right amount of char on the outside, but the pink and tender inside will have you hooked. If you order "a Van," they will throw in their curly fries.

8. Earl's Rib Palace - Oklahoma City

Earl's Rib Palace, an Oklahoma BBQ institution since 1996 when it first opened its doors in OKC's heartland, is a product of Oklahoma's rich culinary heritage. First, they start with some meat lightly seasoned with their dry rub. They slowly smoke the meat over hickory wood, and you choose from - hot or mild sauce – to finish off your ribs.

9. Mac's Barbeque - Skiatook

Mac's Barbeque in Skiatook offers premium meats and other ingredients cooked over pecan and hickory wood. For over 30 years, this small barbecue restaurant has served big flavors in northeast Oklahoma. The most popular dishes include the three-meat combo, pork spare ribs, and the unique barbecue Frito pie.

10. Smokin Joe's Rib Ranch - Davis

Smokin' Joe's has some of Oklahoma's best ribs. Their brisket is also a big hit. The BBQ is so tender that you can eat it with your teeth. There's something for everyone, from Southern side dishes to lunch plates.

11. Back Door BBQ - Oklahoma City

Back Door BBQ combines a chef's training, experience from the Texas Hill Country, and his years in top restaurants. It's a perfect blend of classic flavors and incredible skill. Spare ribs are some of the most delicious in the entire state. The smoky aroma of their ribs is carried into the taste, resulting in an explosion of flavors on the firt bite.