What is the State Bird of Mississippi?

What is the State Bird of Mississippi?MISSISSIPPI - Mississippi is a state in the southern U.S. It borders Alabama and the Gulf of Mexico. It is famous for its Delta region, the birthplace of blues music. Its Delta Blues Museum can be found in Clarksdale. It is also home to the Vicksburg National Military Park, which preserves the Civil War battle site.

What is the State Bird of Mississippi?
Photo: The Northern Mockingbird

The State Bird Of Mississippi Is The Northern Mockingbird

The state bird of Mississippi is the northern mockingbird. This medium-sized bird became the state bird in 1944. Its social history in the United States was highlighted in Harper Lee's novel "To Kill a Mockingbird." It also has a beautiful song and a variety of sounds. These birds are often found in Mississippi and can be spotted throughout the year.

The state flower of Mississippi is the Magnolia. The state bird of Mississippi is the Mockingbird, named after Governor Thomas Lowry Bailey in 1944. The state bird is also a common species throughout the US. Mockingbirds are small grey birds that announce their presence by mimicking the sounds of their surroundings. Their songs are an excellent way to enliven the lives of residents.

Mockingbirds are popular in the state of Mississippi. They are often seen on high vegetation, fences, and roofs. They are territorial year-round and may even defend their territory from other mockingbirds or even cats. Their song can deter intruders.