8 Must-Try Restaurants And Bars In Oklahoma City

Food Travel LogoOKLAHOMA - Whether you're visiting or living in Oklahoma City, there are a few restaurants and bars you should check out. Whether you want to go to a casual restaurant for lunch or dinner or you want a fancy restaurant for a special occasion, Oklahoma City has plenty of options for you.

Best Restaurants And Bars In Oklahoma City
Photo: The Jones Assembly

Bar Arbolada In Oklahoma City

Located in the heart of Downtown OKC's Film Row, the new Bar Arbolada is a stylish establishment in its own right. The place features an extensive wine list and a small plate menu from Chef Tehra Thorp. The bar features a sleek white marble countertop and brass back bar fixtures. The menu consists of Spanish-inspired dishes and top-notch cocktails. The bar's low prices make it a popular hangout for locals and tourists.

Bar Arbolada is owned and operated by Riley Marshall, an Arbolada Road native who spent much of his life in Los Angeles. He was inspired by the bar and booze-filled nightspots in the LA burbs to open a similar venture in Oklahoma City. After several years in the music business, he returned to his home state. Bar Arbolada is located in a former Main Street Arcade building, which boasts some interesting historical features. The refurbished store features a full bar and a handful of grab-and-go treats from the Ganache Patisserie.

The Jones Assembly In Oklahoma City

Located in Oklahoma City's West End district, The Jones Assembly is the latest restaurant from The Social Order Dining Collective.  The Jones is an entertainment venue, restaurant, and bar with live music and delicious food. The Jones offers both a dinner menu and a brunch menu. The Jones features an open-air patio. The venue hosts weekly patio shows, and it also provides an extensive drink menu. The bar serves craft cocktails, local beers, and by-the-glass wine.

The Jones Assembly in Oklahoma City is located at 901 W Sheridan Ave. The dining room has a large community table, encouraging guests to socialize. There is also a full-service bar in the downstairs area. There are 225 seats in the restaurant and a 1,600-person capacity for live concerts. The Jones Assembly features a large stage, a mezzanine, and an open-air patio. The dining room offers refined regional cuisine. The menu includes deviled eggs, steak frites, and avocado toast. The restaurant also features a brunch menu, including fried okra, biscuits, gravy, and scrambled eggs.

Stitch Cafe In Oklahoma City

In the West Village, Stitch is a coffee shop in the truest sense, albeit small.  Besides the coffee, the cafe offers a menu of light a la carte breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to suit any diet. The staff is friendly, and the ambiance is pleasant. The price range is also relatively reasonable, with a bottle of wine for a reasonable price.

The cafe does not skimp on the quality of the ingredients. Stitch has a few of its specialties, such as its proprietary blend of bison. The menu also has several healthy options, such as the burger and omelet. In short, Stitch is a cafe aficionado's dream. The caffeinated brew is a must, and the cafe is a welcome respite from the stress of the city.

Empire Slice House In Oklahoma City

In the Plaza district of Oklahoma City, Empire Slice House boasts four signature pizzas, an impressive assortment of cheeses, and an eclectic ambiance.  For the pizza connoisseur, there are four pies to choose from, all of which are topped with fresh mozzarella, parmesan, and red onion. It is no surprise that the restaurant draws both locals and visitors from across the metroplex. The restaurant is a sure bet for any night of the week, with a large covered patio and late-night dining hours.

The restaurant's smorgasbord also boasts an extensive collection of crafted cocktails, wine, and beer. The place also boasts a brisk walk-up window, making it easy for diners to pick up a bite or a drink. For dessert, the place has a handful of dessert options. For the more discerning diner, the empire's dessert menu also features an assortment of cheeses, desserts, and cocktails. The aforementioned 'favorite' is the 'Cruz', a fancy-pants pie made of a buttery crust filled with cheese, bacon, ham, and tomato.

Palo Santo In Oklahoma City

Palo Santo is a craft cocktail bar in the Farmers Market District that offers a unique experience. The bar features an L-shaped pool table and Southwestern-inspired seating. The bar will also serve food and wine. Guests will find a variety of attractive light fixtures and a worn leather sofa. There are also shelves filled with plants. The bar will offer six beers on tap and several local beers in bottles.

Palo Santo is open daily from 4 PM to late. It is located at 1203 SW 2nd St., Oklahoma City, OK 73106. The bar has a few different seating areas and indoor and outdoor seating. The bar also offers a variety of drinks, including cocktails, mezcal drinks, and shaken drinks. The bar makes its syrups and uses three or four ingredients to make each drink. Guests will find a street dog with bacon and a pressed torta with carnitas. Palo Santo also offers an impressive menu of small-plate dishes. For appetizers, guests can order spicy mayo or Oaxaca cheese. The bar will also serve tomato bread and chilled chicken tacos. The restaurant will also serve brunch on Fridays and Saturdays.

Prairie Artisan Ales In Oklahoma City

Founded in 2012 by brothers Colin and Chase Healey, Prairie Artisan Ales has become an award-winning brewery and a favorite of beer connoisseurs.  Prairie has multiple locations across Oklahoma, and its award-winning beers are distributed throughout the United States and abroad. The Oklahoma City taproom inside the 8th Street Market is a destination for Prairie fans looking for something more than just a beer. The taproom boasts 16 rotating taps, a wide selection of unique and delicious beers, and a merchandise store. The most popular beer is the bomb, a stout brewed with coffee, vanilla beans, coffee beans, and ancho chili peppers.

The taproom is fun to visit, especially if you're a fan of Prairie's unique and award-winning beers. The menu changes constantly but features classic Prairie beers and some unique varietals throughout the year. The brewery also has international sales, which account for five percent of its profits.

Elk Valley Brewing In Oklahoma City

Elk Valley Brewing is a small brewery located in the Midtown district of Oklahoma City with a great rooftop patio.  They also have a decent number of craft beers on tap, including pilsners and barrel-aged stouts. Having opened in 2013, they've only just begun their permanent production space. The brewery has the capacity to serve around 16-20 people at a time. The company is led by brewmaster John Elkins, who started in the home brewing business in 2001. He cites his tour of Left Hand Brewing as the spark that led to his home brewing hobby. He eventually decided to take his love for craft beer to the next level by entering homebrew competitions.

Elk Valley has several other beers, including a sour beer slushie that's a cinch to make. They also have an open-air rooftop patio and ample production space. They're also famous for their milkshakes, which are made in-house. They're not the only beer makers in town, but they have a decent collection of beers sure to please any palate.

Pool Bar and Bodega In Oklahoma City

Earlier this month, 21c Museum and Hotel in Oklahoma City unveiled two new concepts.  The first is the Pool Bar and Bodega, which serves lighthearted, playful dishes and frozen treats. The second is the new outdoor pool. Both are part of the 21c Museum and Hotel's redevelopment project. They also offer a variety of grab-and-go foods, including parfaits, classic breakfast plates, and smoothies.

Both concepts complement the newly renovated Mary Eddy's dining room. Previously, Mary Eddy's was a lounge, but it was renovated last year to become the chef-driven restaurant it is today. In addition to serving elevated classics, the restaurant celebrates the golden age of American dining. Its interior is reminiscent of the neoclassical style of Fred and Mary Eddy Jones.