What Is The State Bird of California?

What Is the State Bird of California?CALIFORNIA - What Is the State Bird of California? In 1931, California adopted Lophortyx californica (the California Quail). A widely distributed game bird found in forests, mountains, deserts, and coastal regions across California - this iconic species now holds official state status!

What Is the State Bird of California?
Photo: Unsplash

California Adopted Lophortyx Californica (California Quail)

The California quail is an amusing short-necked gamebird with a relatively short neck. Like chickens, these plump birds feed on the ground while foraging for food in small flocks of three to twelve birds.

These animals have proven their resilience during periods of severe drought by gathering moisture through leaves and insects they consume as part of their diet and thriving during heavy rainfall.

California quail are beloved game birds for hunters. Female quails lay clutches of 4-17 eggs during the breeding season, and all adults within their family unit share parental duties during this timeframe.

California Quail are social birds that inhabit burrows. California Quails nest in burrows and travel together in coveys to find it; when foraging alone they can become quite noisy! When searching for food or shelter, they travel in flocks - making noise as they explore.

This tiny bird may not have as much color variation or energy as chickadees or goldfinches, but that doesn't diminish its charm! Olive green in color with white wing bars and yellow edges on both its wings and tail feathers - be on the lookout!

You might spot this bird hopping through trees and flapping its wings to stay calm, its loud calls are often heard through nearby trees, and it lays thousands of eggs yearly.