7 Must-Try Burger Spots in Ohio

Best Burgers in OhioOHIO - Whether you're looking for a burger with a side of fries or a drink, you will find many different burgers in Ohio. If you're looking for something more authentic, you can look for burgers that famous chefs make, but you will also find burgers served at several restaurants around the state.

 Who Has the Best Burgers in Ohio?
5 Best Burger Spots in Ohio

 Who Has the Best Burgers in Ohio?

1. Tank's Bar and Grill in Dayton

Known for its burgers, Tank's Bar and Grill in Dayton, OH, is a local favorite.  The dive bar has a friendly atmosphere and serves delicious food and drinks. This place is located in south Dayton. The menu includes a variety of breakfast items and burgers. The restaurant also offers lunch and dinner. The menu is extensive, and the prices are fair. The burgers are cooked to order and include all of the vegetables. They can be topped with anything you like. The chili is also delicious. The chili is thick and rich, with a good kick of heat. It can be eaten as a meal or as a snack.

2. Gahanna Grill in Gahanna OH

Founded in 1849, Gahanna is a small town that has kept its small-town charm. It is located east of Columbus, Ohio, and is only a short drive from John Glenn International Airport. The town is also home to local teams and businesses, making it a great place to raise a family. The Gahanna Grill is also known for its signature foods. It has a full bar and offers catering services. In addition to its signature foods, the restaurant has a fun atmosphere and is a great place to bring the family.

3. Sammy's Craft Burgers and Beers in Cincinnati

Sammy's Craft Burgers and Beers offers more than just burgers.  They also feature a food truck and a wide selection of local brews. In addition to their standard fare, they have several veg-friendly burgers and veggie bowls to satisfy those with more of a taste for the green stuff. Having tried them all, I'd say that the Fretboard beer cheeseburger has to be the show's star. This patty features a tasty combination of pancetta, beer cheese, and bacon, and it comes served with a sprinkling of Fretboard beer cheese fries. This is a surprisingly delicious burger, and it isn't just me who's been raving about it.

4. Crabill’s Hamburgers in Urbana

Whether traveling to Ohio or looking for a place to stop and get a burger, you should consider Crabill's Hamburgers in Urbana, Ohio.  This local burger joint has been around for a long time. Known as a local deal, the restaurant serves delicious burgers and other foods. The restaurant has been around for over 95 years. It was started by Forest Crabill in 1927 when he began selling nickel hamburgers. Initially, the restaurant was located in a small building. Eventually, the business moved to a more prominent location on Miami Street. After Crabill died, his wife Frida continued the business until 1988.  It is open year-round. Customers can either eat in or order food to go.

5. The Thurmanator in Columbus

The Thurmanator is a family-owned landmark that dates back to 1942.  It combines the latest technology with a touch of old-fashioned grit to bring you an elevated dining experience that's second to none. Featuring a menu of American favorites, from burgers to tacos to upscale cocktails, you'll be treated to an impressive fare spread. The Thurmanator is a true local, with loyal patrons lining up for more than 30 years. It's no wonder they've garnered national acclaim. The flagship restaurant offers a comprehensive breakfast and lunch menu and a selection of dinners and snacks. For a hefty sum, you'll be rewarded with a fine dining experience. The Thurmanator specializes in burgers and sandwiches, making it a great place to snag a burger and a beer.

6. Flip Side in Columbus

Located in the heart of Easton, Flip Side is a burger joint with a bloody mary bar, an array of craft beers, and a solid menu of burgers, salads, and sandwiches.  It also boasts a few other exciting food and beverage options. FlipSide claims to be the first to create a burger made of 100% grass-fed beef. The company also slaps a fancy truffle aioli on its patty and wild mushrooms to create the best of both worlds.  They also have a great selection of craft beers, including 19 taps, and the restaurant offers rotating beer discounts.

7. Terry’s Turf Club Burger in Cincinnati

Located in the Eastern Avenue neighborhood of Cincinnati, this burger joint is a burger lover's dream.  It is not a family-friendly eatery, but it is not a gimmick either. It offers excellent value for money and has a stellar drink menu. This tavern has all the ingredients for a good time, including the most impressive neon signs in town. The Turf Club is an ode to burgers, but it's more than just a greasy spoon. It offers an array of interesting toppings, like mushrooms and bacon. The burger is full-flavored yet still thick enough to hold its own. The Turf Club is also home to several of the city's iconic burgers. There's the stacked burger, which has plenty of sauces to choose from. The other cool thing about this particular burger is that it's never frozen.