What are The Top 10 Things To-Do in Spokane, WA

What are The Top 10 Things To-Do in Spokane, WAWASHINGTON - Located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Spokane, Washington offers a range of exciting activities for visitors to enjoy. Thesenot only provide a glimpse into the city's rich culture and natural beauty but also showcase the warm and welcoming community that truly makes Spokane a must-visit destination. 

What are The Top 10 Things To-Do in Spokane, WA
What are The Top 10 Things To-Do in Spokane, WA

Here Are The Top 10 Best Things To Do In Spokane

1. Riverfront Park

Nestled right in the city center, this sprawling park provides a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle. Take a leisurely stroll along the Spokane River, ride the historic carousel, and be sure to admire the mesmerizing Spokane Falls. For the more adventurous, there are plenty of outdoor activities available, including biking or picnicking.

2. Spokane Falls

As one of the city's most iconic landmarks, a visit to Spokane Falls is a must. Take a scenic stroll along the overlooks and be captivated by the sheer power and beauty of the cascading waterfalls. Be sure to bring your camera as the views are truly breathtaking.

3. Manito Park

For nature enthusiasts, Manito Park is a sanctuary worth exploring. Step into a world of tranquility as you wander through the lush gardens, featuring an array of vibrant flowers and plants. Don't miss the Japanese Garden, which offers a serene escape, or the Park's conservatory and duck pond, perfect for a peaceful afternoon.

4. Centennial Trail

This 37-mile-long trail winds its way through the heart of Spokane, offering a picturesque way to explore the city. Whether you prefer walking, running, or biking, the trail provides stunning views of the Spokane River, lush forests, and charming neighborhoods.

5. Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the region through the diverse art and captivating exhibits found at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. From Native American artifacts to contemporary works, this museum offers a deeper understanding of the area's heritage.

6. Mobius Science Center

Looking for a hands-on learning experience? Look no further than the Mobius Science Center. This interactive museum engages visitors of all ages with its exhibits and science experiments. Discover the wonders of physics, chemistry, and biology as you explore this educational playground.

7. Mount Spokane State Park

Outdoor enthusiasts will find paradise at Mount Spokane State Park. With miles of hiking trails that wind through lush forests, this park provides the perfect escape for nature lovers. In winter, the park transforms into a snowy wonderland, offering skiing and snowshoeing opportunities for all skill levels.

8. Spokane Symphony

Indulge in the magic of live classical music by attending a performance by the acclaimed Spokane Symphony. This talented group of musicians will transport you to another realm as they fill the air with beautiful melodies and captivating performances.

9. Brickyard Brewing

For those looking to satisfy their taste buds, Brickyard Brewing is a must-visit. Sample some of Spokane's finest craft beers in a laid-back and welcoming atmosphere. With unique flavors and innovative brews, this local brewery is sure to impress even the most discerning beer connoisseur.

10. Spokane Lilac Festival

Join in the annual celebration of Spokane's official flower, the lilac, at the Spokane Lilac Festival. This lively event brings the community together with a festive parade, live music, delicious food vendors, and more. It's a perfect way to experience Spokane's vibrant community spirit.