How Many Coyotes Are There in Arizona?

ARIZONA - How many coyotes are there in Arizona? You are likely to have seen a coyote if you live in rural areas or woodlands. Arizona Game & Fish Department estimates approximately 200,000 Coyotes in the state. Depending on where food is available, it can be found in urban and rural areas.

How Many Coyotes Are There in Arizona?
Photo: Unsplash

Arizona has no law protecting coyotes, which are considered nuisances. They are known to prey on packrats, cottontails, jackrabbits, and small dogs. They love to gather rats in a clump. Coyotes are not protected by law in Arizona and should be viewed as pests rather than endangered species.

Coyotes are often seen in rural and urban areas, but conflicts are rare because they are shy animals that hunt alone. They will avoid people to avoid conflict.

When you see a coyote, there are a few things to look out for. Check their tail for dark patches and black markings. Also, look for rust or gray coloration on their neck and sides.

If they get too near, they can be stronger than many dogs and endanger your life. Keep eye contact with the attacker and shout until they retreat before backing off to find cover.

If a coyote gets too close to your property. Please contact your area's Arizona Game and Fish Department, especially if you have small children.