Finding the Perfect Summer Beach Bike

Finding the Perfect Summer Beach BikeEast Coast - Cruiser bikes feature classic lines with wide balloon tires to promote relaxing rides. Perfect for occasional cyclists, seniors, and vacationers seeking classic comfort rides; beach cruisers require regular maintenance to stay rust-resistant and well-oiled.

Finding the Perfect Summer Beach Bike

Finding the Perfect Beach Cruiser

To find your ideal beach bike, it is important to consider both your riding needs and aesthetic preferences. Take note of frame style (step-thru or diamond), size, gearing, and whether or not you will be carrying cargo or using it with children in tow. Also, consider brake types such as coaster brakes or hand brakes. Additionally, consider whether a basket or rack would be a plus when making this decision.

If you intend on riding your beach bike frequently, a 7 or 8-speed model is ideal; its fantastic range allows for more excellent terrain coverage and cargo-carrying capability. Suppose you only intend to use it occasionally; an internally geared version would likely prove more straightforward to maintain. In that case, its hidden chain reduces moving parts and risk from salt air exposure and sand exposure.

Geared beach cruisers usually feature aluminum frames and forks with Gates belt drives to protect them from coastal corrosion. Aluminum has the advantage of being significantly more corrosion-resistant than steel while remaining lightweight without compromising strength. This advantage enables long-flowing frames characteristic of this style of the bike while simultaneously reducing both upfront and ongoing costs.

Most beach cruisers come equipped with a comfortable saddle to complement the relaxed ride style and aesthetic of this type of bike because cruiser geometry puts significant weight on your rear end. An excessively cushioned saddle may become uncomfortable on longer rides and restrict blood flow to your butt, leading to numbness or pain in the hips, thighs, or bottom.

Many modern beach cruisers feature front and rear carrier braze-ons, allowing riders to attach racks or bags for short journeys and jaunts. Also, consider finding one equipped with bottle cage mounts if you plan on transporting water bottles during rides.

Cruiser bikes are typically described by their tire size, usually listed in their description. You might see something like 26"x 2" or 24" x 2.125"; the second number refers to both tire widths, while the first indicates wheel size.

These days, some manufacturers offer beach cruisers equipped with electric drivetrains and components, making for an exciting yet comfortable way to ride around town or hit the beach. Such bikes may cost more than their conventional geared beach cruiser counterparts but offer a great way to transport yourself. One such EVRYjourney model comes in six vibrant colors to match any personal style - featuring Gates belt drive technology and Shimano, shifting for effortless pedaling! Additionally, it's compatible with various accessories, including child seats, racks, and bags - providing for a fun yet comfortable ride.