7 Weirdest Thing You'll Find in Alaska

Crazy Things That Happen ONLY in AlaskaALASKA - Alaska, the Last Frontier, is a land of extremes. Here, towering mountains pierce the sky, massive glaciers crackle underfoot, and wildlife roams with freedom unmatched across the lower 48 states. Beyond the postcard-worthy natural wonders, Alaska holds a trove of quirky traditions, unusual events, and just plain weird happenings that make it a truly unique place.

7 Weirdest Thing You'll Find in Alaska
Fish Rain, Reindeer Races, & More!

Crazy Things That Happen ONLY in Alaska

1. The Midnight Sun and a Whole Lot of Darkness

Let's start with Alaska's obvious 'weird' factor—extreme daylight cycles. During summer, the sun lingers long into the night in many areas, earning it the nickname "Land of the Midnight Sun." Fairbanks, Alaska's second-largest city, experiences nearly 24-hour sunlight for about 70 days around the summer solstice. This abundance of the sun can lead to exciting adjustments in daily life, such as late-night outdoor activities and blackout curtains becoming a bedroom necessity.

But come winter, the tables turn—the far northern parts of the state plunge into an extended period of darkness called polar night. In Utqiaġvik (formerly known as Barrow), the northernmost town in the US, the sun sets in November and doesn't rise again for about 65 days! This extended darkness may sound eerie, but it brings extraordinary phenomena like the dazzling Northern Lights.

2. When Fish Fall from the Sky

If you ever find yourself caught in a downpour of fish in Fairbanks, don't be alarmed. It might sound like something out of a B-movie, but there's a perfectly normal (if slightly bizarre) explanation. During heavy rains, gulls sometimes snatch up small fish like Arctic lampreys. Occasionally, they get clumsy mid-flight and drop their catch, resulting in the surprising sight of fish plummeting to the streets below.

3. The Sport of Reindeer Racing

Every winter, Anchorage comes alive with its quirkiest festival – the Fur Rendezvous, or Fur Rondy for short. This celebration traces its roots to the 1930s as a way to break up the wintertime blues. Alongside dog sled races and snow sculpture contests, one of the most entertaining events is the Running of the Reindeer. Imagine costumed humans sprinting down the street alongside charging reindeer – it's a chaotic spectacle only Alaska could produce!

4. Outhouses Take Center Stage

Small-town Alaska has a charmingly eccentric streak, and the town of Talkeetna takes it to the next level with its annual Talkeetna Moose Dropping Festival. This summer celebration includes everything from live music to a parade, but the main event is the literal dropping of moose poop. Festival-goers purchase squares on a giant grid, and wherever a numbered moose pellet lands, the corresponding square wins the cash prize.

But Talkeetna truly embraces its unusual side with the annual Outhouse Races. Teams decorate outhouses, slap them on skis, and race them through the streets amidst much cheering and laughter. It's the type of event you have to see to believe!

5. Eccentric Homes and Abandoned Igloos

Alaskans aren't afraid to express themselves, and their individuality sometimes shows up in rather unconventional houses. In the town of Willow stands the curious Dr. Seuss House. This teetering structure—leaning precariously without collapsing—looks like it popped straight out of one of the author's whimsical illustrations.

Meanwhile, along the Parks Highway sits the less-celebrated Igloo City. This once-ambitious project aimed to be a hotel but was abandoned mid-construction. Today, a massive 80-foot-tall deteriorating igloo is a testament to Alaska's sometimes overreaching dreams.

6. Wildlife Encounters (The Good, the Bad, and the Smelly)

Alaska is a place where the lines between human and animal habitats blur. Don't be surprised to see a hulking moose saunter through a suburban neighborhood or spot curious bears peeking through a dumpster. Alaskans learn to coexist with their wild neighbors, sometimes with mixed results. The delicious smell of fresh salmon grilling may attract unwanted attention, and residents are always wary of leaving out trash – less for the litter and more for the giant scavengers it might welcome.

7. Creative Solutions and Unconventional Lifestyles

The remoteness of many Alaskan towns forces residents to become resourceful. Running to the store may take hours or even days if you need a particular tool. Alaskans have a make-do attitude, using duct tape, zip ties, and ingenuity to solve everyday problems. This self-sufficiency extends to their choice of living situations – many Alaskans live off the grid, relying on solar power, woodstoves, and hunting and gathering for sustenance.

Alaska, a land of stunning natural beauty, hosts a treasure trove of bizarre happenings and quirky traditions. Its extreme daylight cycles, with the Midnight Sun and periods of extended darkness, set the stage for the unusual. Alaska constantly surprises, from fish falling from the sky in Fairbanks to the wintertime spectacle of reindeer races during Anchorage's Fur Rendezvous. Small towns like Talkeetna add to the fun with outlandish events like the Moose Dropping Festival and Outhouse Races. Expect eccentric houses, abandoned construction projects, and close encounters with wildlife. A spirit of resourcefulness and an embrace of the unconventional define the Alaskan way of life.