7 Unusual Attractions in New Orleans, LA

LOUISIANA - New Orleans, Louisiana, is a city with a storied past and a vibrant cultural tapestry that continues to intrigue visitors from near and far. Nestled within its historic streets are several hidden gems that offer a unique and unexpected experience for those seeking something beyond the usual tourist attractions.

7 Unusual Attractions in New Orleans, LA
Photo: Museum of Death

Most Unusual Places to Visit in New Orleans


1. New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum

One such place is the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, a small but captivating establishment that delves into the roots of the city's mystical voodoo culture. As visitors step inside, they are greeted by a mesmerizing collection of artifacts, from ancient voodoo dolls and ceremonial masks to potions and charms used in spiritual practices. The museum's knowledgeable staff eagerly share tales of voodoo queens, like Marie Laveau, and their influence on New Orleans' rich folklore.

2. Abandoned Jazzland

Another intriguing destination is the abandoned Jazzland, a former theme park that now stands as a haunting reminder of the devastating impact of Hurricane Katrina. Once a lively hub of excitement, its deserted rides and faded signage now offer a glimpse into a post-apocalyptic playground, drawing in urban explorers and photographers seeking to capture its eerie beauty.

3. Museum of Death

For those with a penchant for the macabre, the Museum of Death beckons. This morbidly fascinating establishment houses a chilling collection of artifacts connected to death and the afterlife. From crime scene photographs and autopsy equipment to letters from serial killers, it delves into the darker side of humanity, provoking both unease and curiosity.

4. Jean Lafitte's Old Absinthe House

For a taste of history infused with a drink, Jean Lafitte's Old Absinthe House is a must-visit. This historic bar in the heart of the French Quarter has witnessed the passing tides of time while remaining rooted in the city's lively past. Once a haven for pirates and privateers, it continues to serve up traditional absinthe and cocktails amidst its aged, dimly lit interior.

5. Marie Laveau's Tomb

To delve deeper into New Orleans' voodoo heritage, a visit to Marie Laveau's tomb is an essential stop. Located in Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1, this ornate resting place offers a glimpse into the legacy of the city's most renowned voodoo priestess. Nearby, Marie Laveau's House of Voodoo preserves her memory through a museum and shop, housed in her former home. Within its walls, visitors can explore the various aspects of voodoo, from its rituals and beliefs to the intricacies of spell-casting and mysticism.

6. The Singing Oak

For those seeking a more nature-oriented experience, The Singing Oak awaits discovery. Hidden within City Park, this magical tree is adorned with wind chimes carefully hidden amongst its branches. As gentle breezes whisper through the leaves, the chimes come alive, producing a melodic symphony that enchants all who come across it. The Singing Oak provides a serene respite from the bustling streets, allowing visitors to unwind and revel in the harmony of nature.

7. Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1

Finally, to truly grasp the essence of New Orleans' history, a visit to Saint Louis Cemetery No. 1 is a must. Established over two centuries ago, it holds the stories of countless souls who shaped the city. As visitors wander through its labyrinthine paths, they encounter ornate tombs and monuments, glimpses into the lives and legacies of prominent figures and ordinary individuals alike. The contrast of lush vegetation against the aging stone creates a scene of serene beauty, inviting reflection and a deeper understanding of New Orleans' past.

With its assortment of unique and offbeat attractions, New Orleans offers a truly distinctive experience for those with a penchant for exploration. From the mysticism of voodoo to the eerie allure of abandoned theme parks and the solemn beauty of cemeteries, this city beckons the curious traveler to embrace its rich history, vibrant culture, and hidden treasures.