Visiting Hank Williams Death Car in Alabama

Travel Map IconALABAMA - Thousands of fans attended the funeral of country singer Hank Williams Jr., which drew a record crowd in Montgomery. The funeral attracted more than 2,000 people outside the auditorium, and 20,000 people flooded the street.

Visiting Hank Williams Death Car in Montgomery, AL
Photo: Hank Williams Death Car in Montgomery AL

 Hank Williams Death Car

The funeral was held at the Montgomery Auditorium, and the body was moved to the Montgomery Municipal Auditorium for a memorial service. Williams' second wife and first wife sat in the front pew. The funeral was the biggest in Montgomery and the largest in Alabama. The Grand Ole Opry was expected to bid Hank farewell. The Advertiser published tributes to Williams and received thousands of letters from fans.

Williams' daughter died in a car crash. The family was reunited at Hank's mother's house in Montgomery. Williams had visited her mother's boarding house several times. His daughter's death was a massive blow to his family.

After Hank's death, several friends and fans visited the singer's home in Montgomery. The city's Advertiser recalled him as a "twangy guitar player" who was once a peanut vendor.

He was married to Audrey. After he turned 18, he was estranged from his parents. He had spent Christmas with his mother in Montgomery.

Williams' death has been a source of much speculation, and some citizens in the town of Oak Hill, West Virginia, don't want it to be known that Hank Williams died in a Cadillac. However, there are plenty of sights in Montgomery that are connected to the country singer.