Where to Find The Slugburger in Mississippi

Where to Find The Slugburger in MississippiMISSISSIPPI - The slugburger holds a unique place in the culinary history of Mississippi.  During the Great Depression, when many people were struggling financially, this humble and affordable meal option became a popular choice for those with limited resources.

Where to Find The Slugburger in Mississippi
Photo: Latham's Hamburger Inn in New Albany

The Slugburger Holds A Unique Place In The Culinary History Of Mississippi

Typically made with a combination of small amounts of beef and various fillers such as day-old bread crumbs, the slugburger offered a filling and economical option for customers. Its unique name originated from the nickname given to a nickel, which happened to be the price of this tasty burger during those challenging times.

Although the popularity of the slugburger declined over the years, it remains a favorite in certain parts of Mississippi. One such place is Latham's Hamburger Inn in New Albany, a small town known for its dedication to preserving the slugburger's heritage. Latham's continues to serve a version of the slugburger faithful to the original recipe. Cooked to perfection in a revered cast-iron skillet, this burger achieves a delightful crispness around the edges, reminiscent of a fritter. Served on a griddled bun topped with traditional condiments, every bite offers a nostalgic taste of the past.

For those interested in exploring this unique Mississippi specialty, the state has established the Slugburger Trail. This trail takes food enthusiasts on a culinary journey, showcasing various establishments that serve the slugburger. Visitors can indulge in these delicious delights while immersing themselves in the fascinating history of the slugburger. From small mom-and-pop diners to nostalgic drive-ins, each stop along the trail offers a distinctive interpretation of this beloved Mississippi burger. The Slugburger Trail provides an authentic and mouthwatering experience, allowing visitors to taste this unique slice of Mississippi's history, support local businesses, and embrace the flavors that have shaped the state's culinary heritage.