Where to Find The Best Burger in Atlanta, GA

Where to Find The Best Burger in Atlanta, GAATLANTA, GA - Located in the vibrant city of Dunwoody, just outside of Atlanta Georgia, NFA Burgers has become a staple in the culinary landscape, attracting burger enthusiasts from all over. Situated within the Chevron station in the charming suburb of Dunwoody, this hidden gem has earned a well-deserved reputation as the go-to destination for the best burgers in town.

Where to Find The Best Burger in Atlanta, GA
NFA Burgers Has Become A Staple In Georgia (Photo: Facebook)

NFA Burgers Has Become A Staple In Georgia

The mastermind behind NFA Burgers is none other than pop-up veteran, Billy Kramer. With a wealth of experience in the culinary world, he seized the opportunity to establish his own permanent venture in late 2019. Since then, NFA Burgers has witnessed an ever-growing base of loyal fans eager to indulge in the burger haven it has become.

While the menu may appear simple, featuring single or double burgers, the flavors they deliver are far from ordinary. Crafted with the finest Angus beef, each patty is expertly smashed down onto the grill, resulting in a symphony of crispy, caramelized edges that add an irresistible textural contrast to each bite.

Complementing the juicy burgers are an array of toppings that include tangy pickles, zesty mustard, NFA Burgers' secret sauce, and a generous layer of melty cheese, all nestled within a soft and enticing roll sourced from the renowned Martin's bakery.

NFA Burgers is a testament to Atlanta's enduring love affair with this classic American sandwich. Its popularity among residents serves as a testament to the splendor and decadence found within each burger. Whether you're a true burger aficionado or simply seeking an unforgettable dining experience, NFA Burgers promises to deliver unparalleled flavor and satisfaction.