7 Must-Try Bars and Restaurants in Savannah

7 Must-Try Bars and Restaurants in SavannahGEORGIA - Savannah, Georgia, has earned its reputation as a vibrant and blossoming culinary destination. Food enthusiasts are drawn to this city with its diverse restaurants and bars to experience its vibrant culinary scene.

7 Must-Try Bars and Restaurants in Savannah

Where to Find The Best Bars and Resturants in Savannah, GA

1. The Grey

One standout restaurant is The Grey, housed in an Art Deco Greyhound Bus Terminal. Known for its contemporary Southern cuisine, The Grey has even been recognized with a prestigious James Beard Award, solidifying its status as a culinary gem. Another noteworthy establishment is Fleeting, led by acclaimed chef Rob Newton, where inventive dishes are skillfully prepared while paying homage to Savannah's traditional roots.

2. Big Bon Bodega

Food lovers seeking a unique dining experience should not miss Big Bon Bodega. This trendy spot is a must-visit for those craving wood-fired bagels and mouthwatering pizzas bursting with flavor. And for those looking for a twist on regional comfort foods, Brochu's Family Tradition offers delectable dishes with unexpected flavors and combinations.

3. Bar Julian

Regarding bars, Bar Julian steals the spotlight as the tallest rooftop bar in Savannah. From this vantage point, guests can savor their favorite cocktails while taking panoramic views of the river and the historic district.

4. The Olde Pink House

For those who appreciate tradition and soulful flavors, The Olde Pink House is a beloved institution that continues to captivate visitors with its timeless charm. Revered as a soul food haven, this iconic establishment consistently draws crowds seeking authentic Southern cuisine and warm hospitality.

5. Baobab Lounge

Baobab Lounge is a must-visit watering hole in the sprawling JW Marriott Savannah Plant Riverside District. This pan-African bar and lounge offers a transport experience with funky faux taxidermy, crocodiles hanging from the ceiling, and African art. The menu showcases inspired snacks and sips, providing a love letter to the Mother Continent.

6. A-J's Dockside Restaurant

If you're craving seafood, A-J's Dockside Restaurant on Tybee Island is the place to go. With its proximity to the coast, A-J's offers a wide variety of seafood and fish dishes. The restaurant also serves super-sized cocktails, making it a haven for seafood enthusiasts.

7. Six Pence Pub 

For a taste of Britain, Six Pence Pub is a charming establishment in the historic Savannah district. Transporting guests to a classic pub in the U.K., Six Pence Pub features British flags, a traditional phone booth outside, and various British Monarchy ephemera inside. This longstanding pub has been serving authentic British flavors and beer since its transformation in 1999.

With its flourishing dining scene, Savannah undeniably establishes itself as a culinary destination worth exploring. The city's fusion of innovative cuisine, traditional roots, and unique dining experiences make it a must-visit for any food lover.