5 Hidden Speakeasies in New Orleans

Hidden Speakeasies in New OrleansLOUISIANA - New Orleans boasts an abundance of bars to suit every taste; some are well-hidden, while others require more searching to locate. Double Dealer is one of New Orleans' premier secret bars. This living-room-inspired venue provides the ideal spot for cocktails and live music alike!

5 Hidden Speakeasies in New Orleans

Where Are The Best Speakeasies in New Orleans

1. The 21st Amendment Speakeasy

Visit this New Orleans bar named for the amendment that abolished Prohibition for an unforgettable cocktail experience! This hidden bar, located beneath the Orpheum Theatre, is one of the city's most beloved and well-kept secrets for drinking in New Orleans. Boasting a stunning decor of gangster photos on the walls, copper sheeting over the bar, and live jazz music - you won't find watered-down Jack and Cokes or Hurricanes here! Access is only possible by passing down a backstage hallway and through a false door.

2. Bar Tonique Speakeasy

Bar Tonique opened in 2008 as New Orleans' inaugural freestanding craft cocktail bar on Rampart Street near Canal. Enjoy classic drinks like Old Forester Bourbon mixed with spearmint for their whiskey mint julep! Bar Tonique's mixologists are friendly and love discussing their craft cocktails, so don't be shy; feel free to ask any questions!

3. Sazerac Bar Speakeasy

This upscale and exclusive bar requires membership (or, on certain days, a password) to gain entry. Still, the intricate decor makes the membership worthwhile - from its charming red shelves with books piled upon them, plush lounge chairs, chandeliers, and comfy couch seating - providing style and comfort all in one package. Though smaller than other New Orleans bars, this one never feels cramped or overcrowded.

4. Double Dealer New Orleans

New Orleans may be best known for its lively nightlife on Bourbon Street, but there are plenty of secret spots worth discovering in New Orleans. One such hidden gem can be found inside Orpheum Theater; they recently celebrated their first anniversary by providing decor, drinks, and throwback music! Speakeasy cocktails are always a good choice in this historic spot, but the live music makes this place worth visiting.

5. Hot Tin Speakeasy

One of the premier New Orleans rooftop bars, this classy rooftop bar provides champagne, colorful cocktails, and breathtaking downtown views. Situated atop Pontchartrain Hotel's former penthouse space - which once housed it - this 1940s artist-inspired room boasts inside and outdoor seating areas for your pleasure - ideal for enjoying drinks, meals, or just lounging around! Named for Tennessee Williams' famous play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, its interior echoes this theme with modern lounge furniture and an inviting bar. The ceiling features pressed tin sheets providing cozy spots to relax.