Doll's Head Trail in Atlanta Georgia

Doll's Head Trail in Atlanta GeorgiaGEORGIA - A unique trail in Constitution Lakes Park in Atlanta was made famous by local carpenter Joel Slaton in 2011, featuring abandoned doll heads and objects arranged into artful arrangements. Since then, hikers from near and far have flocked to see this captivating artwork created over its 1.6-mile loop by Slaton and his team.

Doll's Head Trail in Atlanta Georgia (Unsplash)

Doll's Head Trail in Atlanta Georgia

Slaton said his team collects what people leave behind and trash that comes through Atlanta runoff to maintain an entire trail system. Additionally, Slaton stressed the importance of not bringing new materials into Constitution Lakes Park as this helps maintains its integrity as part of keeping the upkeep of his trail art project.

While there are plenty of eerie and disconcerting pieces along this trail - such as eye-bleeding dolls holding sticks in their hands or Elmo with ripped lips playing guitar - the trail also boasts fun surprises such as ninja turtles, deer with antlers, giant robot heads, and many other charming pieces to find on display along its unsettling route.

Doll's Head Trail in Southeast Atlanta offers free and pet-friendly access for hikers, artists, urban explorers, history buffs, nature enthusiasts, and nature lovers. While visitors should be wary of potential hazards such as pools of water and muddy terrain - as well as deer ticks, copperhead snakes, and poison ivy. Take water with you and sun protection during summer visits; park at 1305 S River Industrial Blvd and follow signs to Doll's Head Trail from there.

Address: 1305 S River Industrial Blvd SE, Atlanta, GA 30315