Cape Cod Massachusetts

Massachusetts - Cape Cod has miles of white sandy beaches, trails, and hikes to take your breath away, along with some of the most majestic dunes.

Cape Cod, a hook-shaped peninsula
Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA

The Cape Cod National Seashore was set aside by an act of congress in 1961 to preserve the capes unique geological landscape and wildlife.

"Cape Cod, a hook-shaped peninsula of the U.S. state of Massachusetts, is a popular summertime destination. It's the site of quaint villages, New England Cuisine, lighthouses, ponds, and bay and ocean beaches. In the large town of Hyannis, the John F. Kennedy Museum is the first stop on the Kennedy Legacy Trail through downtown, where ferries depart to the resort islands of Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket." ― Google

Cape Cod is around 60 miles south of Boston, Massachusetts, and was formed when the last glaciers melted about 12,000-years ago, leaving a large lake. Because of special features surrounding the glacial lake, the water drained, leaving behind the sediment and previous glaciers.

And, the geological shaping of the Cape continues today. Which makes Cape Cod a great place to experience nature.

WhatTo See in Cape Cod - There are plenty of places to see on Cape Cod, but where are the best places to visit Cape Cod? If you like driving, you're in luck, because the best sightseeing on Cape Cod is spread out through all of the towns, not just in any one town.

Cape Cod Museums - So you're taking a Cape Cod vacation, and you want to see some attractions. Well, on the Cape there are several museums for everyone of all ages can enjoy.