Discover the Allure of Martha's Vineyard

Discover the Allure of Martha's VineyardMARTHA'S VINEYARD, MA - Discover the Allure of Martha's Vineyard: Where "Jaws" Was Filmed, Coastal Dreams Unfold, and Memories Are Made.

Exploring Martha's Vineyard
Visiting Martha's Vineyard

Escape to the legendary Martha's Vineyard, a captivating island where quintessential New England charm blends with timeless seaside allure. Leave the bustle of the mainland behind as you board the ferry, feeling the sea breeze in your hair and anticipation growing with each passing wave. This iconic destination has been a haven for presidents, artists, and those seeking a slower, more soulful pace for generations. Movie buffs will thrill to walk in the footsteps of "Jaws" characters, imagining a very different kind of excitement in its pristine waters.

Your Vineyard Journey Starts Here...

Martha's Vineyard offers an enchanting blend of experiences:

  • Beaches for Every Mood: Unwind on wide, sandy stretches perfect for family fun, building sandcastles and swimming in gentle waves. Or seek out hidden coves, tucking into a picnic lunch as sailboats glide by and the only sound is the rhythm of the surf.
  • Quintessential New England Towns: Explore charming villages like Edgartown, where white picket fences frame historic homes, and Oak Bluffs, known for its colorful gingerbread cottages and lively carousel. Browse art galleries showcasing local talent, savor lobster rolls overflowing with fresh-caught crustaceans, and linger over artisanal coffee or locally-made fudge.
  • Echoes of the Past: Feel the island's rich history in its iconic lighthouses, weathered by time and sea spray, that have guided mariners for centuries. Step onto whaling ships at the Vineyard Haven harbor, imagining the bygone era when seafaring fortunes shaped the island's character.
  • Farm-to-Table Delights: Taste the island's bounty! Farmer's markets burst with seasonal produce, seafood pulled from the surrounding waters graces menus, and cozy bistros offer chef-driven cuisine celebrating local ingredients.
  • "Jaws" Legacy Lives On: Channel your inner Spielberg as you visit filming locations like Joseph Sylvia State Beach, where dramatic dunes meet the Atlantic, or the American Legion Memorial Bridge, the famous "leaping" spot. Snap a selfie and pretend, just for a moment, that you spot a fin circling in the distance!

Find Your Perfect Vineyard Getaway

Whether your ideal vacation involves kayaking pristine inlets, browsing bustling art festivals, pampering yourself with luxurious spa treatments, or simply savoring the sunset with a loved one, Martha's Vineyard delivers. This is a place where salty air mingles with laughter, where toes sink into warm sand, and where the rhythm of the island creates memories that linger long after your ferry departs.