Where is the Best Wine Bar in Richmond, VA?

Grisette In Richmond Is Not The Average Wine BarRICHMOND, VA -  Grisettes is not the average wine bar. It is more of a Southern French/American soul food eatery.  The owners, former Bistro 27 owner Donnie Glass and partner Andy McClure, have created a hip and stylish space. The establishment has a pretty patio.

2024-03-31 23:01:50
Grisette Wine Bar in Richmond VA

Grisette In Richmond Is Not The Average Wine Bar

The beverage list at Grisette is impressive. It includes house beer, whiskey, and an innovative cocktail list. It also includes a menu of pies and steak frites. You'll also find an impressive fermentation lab. They offer take-out and delivery services.

One of the restaurant's most impressive feats is its wine list. The place offers about 200 different wines. Most bottles cost from $20 to $35. The best bottles are priced at around $75.

Aside from a great wine list, Grisette also boasts a pretty atmosphere. They've got an impressive patio with about 100 seats. The restaurant also offers a menu that includes a whiskey list, a fun cocktail list, and a pretty dessert menu. You can make reservations by picking a time and a party size.

Grisette has also launched a wine club. This is something you'll probably see continue as a separate venture. The wine club was launched to help the restaurant navigate a pandemic.

The menu at Grisette is not the longest, but it does include a few items you'll want to try. They include a whiskey list, a press coffee, and a hot chocolate. You can also find a handful of pies and steak frites.