A Cyclist's Guide to New Jersey's Best Day Rides

A Cyclist's Guide to New Jersey's Best Day RidesNew Jersey may be a small state, but it packs an enormous punch for cyclists.  From rolling coastal paths to historic canal trails, there's a route for every kind of rider. Here's a peek at some of the best places for a day trip on two wheels.

A Cyclist's Guide to New Jersey's Best Day Rides
A Cyclist's Guide to New Jersey's Best Day Rides

1. The Jersey Shore Classics

  • Atlantic City Boardwalk: Enjoy a scenic ride along the iconic 2.5-mile Atlantic City Boardwalk. Enjoy the ocean views, feel the cool breeze, and stop for a refreshing drink or snack at a boardwalk eatery. Tip: During peak summer hours, be aware of pedestrians and avoid riding too fast.
  • Sandy Hook Peninsula: Escape the crowds on Sandy Hook. This scenic peninsula offers a flat, 7-mile bike path with stunning views of the Raritan Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Keep an eye out for Sandy Hook Lighthouse, a historic landmark. Tip: Enjoy a picnic lunch on the beach after your ride.

2. For the History Buff

  • Old Swedes Historic Site: Take a shorter ride through time at the Old Swedes Historic Site in Swedesboro. This 17th-century settlement offers a scenic 4-mile loop with glimpses into New Jersey's colonial past. Tip: Combine your ride with a tour of the historic buildings for a total immersion.

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3. Challenging Climbs

  • Ringwood State Park: For experienced cyclists seeking a challenge, Ringwood State Park offers some of the most difficult climbs in the state. The climbs can be short but steep, rewarding riders with breathtaking views of the Ramapo Mountains. Tip: Bring plenty of water and prepare for variable mountain weather conditions.
  • Watchung Mountains: Test your legs on the challenging climbs of the Watchung Mountains. Several routes offer stunning vistas of the surrounding countryside, perfect for a rewarding day trip. Tip: Pace yourself on the climbs, and don't be afraid to take breaks to enjoy the scenery.

Bonus Tip: No matter which route you choose, check the weather conditions before you head out. Pack plenty of water, snacks, and sunscreen, and don't forget your helmet! With many great options, New Jersey will become your go-to destination for a memorable cycling adventure.