Sylvia's Restaurant in New York: 2024 James Beard Award America’s Classics Winner

2024 James Beard Award America’s Classics Winner NEW YORK STATE - The James Beard Foundation recently unveiled the distinguished recipients of the 2024 America's Classics Award, honoring esteemed establishments deeply embedded in culinary tradition and community activism.  Notably included in this esteemed roster is Sylvia's Restaurant, a beloved Harlem gem esteemed for its genuine soul food offerings.

2024 James Beard Award America’s Classics Winner
Photo: Sylvia's Restaurant in New York

2024 James Beard Award America’s Classics Winner

This iconic eatery was founded by Sylvia Woods in 1962 and has blossomed into a symbol of American ingenuity and societal impact. Helmed by Kenneth Woods in present times, Sylvia's remains a culinary haven, revered for its delectable barbeque ribs and crispy fried chicken that delight a wide array of patrons. Beyond its culinary eminence, Sylvia radiates a genuine sense of belonging and grit within the Harlem locale, embodying unity and pride.

As the culinary world gears up for the prestigious James Beard Restaurant and Chef Awards function, all eyes are set on the illustrious Pheasant Restaurant and Lounge, lauded for its steadfast commitment to upholding regional culinary traditions and unwavering pursuit of culinary excellence. This well-deserved recognition underscores the restaurant's pivotal role in shaping the gastronomic scene and pays tribute to its rich cultural heritage and enduring influence on the culinary landscape.