5 Best: Must-Try BBQ Joints in Delaware

BBQ Joints in DelawareDELAWARE - Delaware is the place to go if you want an authentic BBQ. This state is home to pitmasters and BBQ joints of all kinds, and many of them can stand up to their southern counterparts. In addition to Lewes and Bethany Blues BBQ, Delaware is also home to Fat Daddy's BBQ & Grille, Young's BBQ, and Uncle John's Smokehouse.

Where to Find the Best BBQ Joints in Delaware
Photo: Delaware Wings (Unsplash)

Where to Find the Best BBQ Joints in Delaware

1. Bethany Blues BBQ in Bethany and Lewes

Bethany Blues BBQ in Bethany and nearby Lewes is a family-friendly spot serving classic sides and house-smoked meats. Its spacious interior and casual atmosphere are perfect for the whole family. The restaurant has multiple barbecue styles, including traditional, Korean, and Carolina. There's also seafood, steaks, ribs, burgers, and an extensive bourbon list. The restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating, ideal for family gatherings or a date night. Bethany Blues offers a buffet on Sunday mornings. Guests can pick from various hot items, including BBQ ribs, lime wings, and omelet stations. There are even kiddie-friendly options.

2. Uncle John’s Smokehouse in Milford

Delaware has some of the best roadside barbecues when the weather gets warm and the crab shacks open. However, if you're looking for a real treat that is a bit off the beaten path, head to Uncle John's Smokehouse in Milford, Delaware. This hidden gem is located on NW 10th Street and serves some of the best barbecues in the state.

3. Fat Daddy’s BBQ & Grille in Georgetown

Fat Daddy's BBQ & Grille in Georgetown, DE, is a place to eat good barbecue. This restaurant was established in 2010. It serves a variety of grilled meats. For more information about the menu and hours of operation, visit the restaurant's website. Fat Daddy's BBQ & Grille is a popular local dining destination. It is known for its slow-roasted briskets, pulled pork, burgers, chicken, and more. It also offers homemade sides such as Mama Frey's Famous Cornpone. The restaurant is family-friendly, with ample seating and large tables.

4. Young’s BBQ in Middletown

Young's BBQ in Middletown, Delaware, is a local institution that offers high-quality BBQ recipes and superior ingredients. The establishment was founded in 1995 and offers mouthwatering meat dishes, tasty BBQ sauces, and Full-Service Catering. This establishment can cater to various occasions, from family reunions to corporate events. Their catering services are available on the day of the event and the day before. Young's BBQ is a family-owned establishment in Middletown, Delaware, specializing in top-quality BBQ recipes. Founded in 1995, this family-owned establishment features mouthwatering meat dishes and mouth-watering BBQ sauces. T

5. Dickey’s Barbecue Pit in Newark

The owners of Dickey's Barbecue Pit will open their first location in Newark, Delaware, on Thursday. The restaurant is set to open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and will offer 50 percent off meals on Fridays and Saturdays for uniformed first responders. The franchise owners originally planned to open a second store in Middletown. They hope to open that second location in the next few years. Travis Dickey's Barbecue Pit has expanded its menu from its first location to include pork ribs, pulled pork, St. Louis-style ribs, smoked chicken, and more. The restaurant is known for its homestyle sides and friendly, professional staff. It also offers competitive pricing and a friendly, inviting atmosphere.