About The History of The State of Delaware

About The History of The State Delaware DELAWARE - Delaware, the smallest of the fifty states, lies primarily on the Delmarva Peninsula, bordered by the Delaware River and Bay.  Due to its history as an important industrial center, Delaware enjoys relative wealth and security.

About The History of The State Delaware

History of The State of Delaware

The state is a constitutional republic with an elected executive and legislative branch. The General Assembly comprises 41 House of Representatives members and 21 Senators, while its governor and other top executive officials are elected for four-year terms. Democratic Party politics dominate the state; historically, it has often served as an indicator state, voting for winning presidential candidates in most presidential elections since 1980.

As the tobacco industry flourished, so did Delaware's number of slaves. Delaware's proximity to Maryland and Virginia led to many conflicts among settlers, sparking the American Revolution. When voting took place for independence, Caesar Rodney from Delaware rode through the night to Philadelphia to vote in support. It passed by only one vote!

Delaware boasts an active agricultural sector, an expansive pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, numerous small to medium-sized manufacturing plants, and robust financial services and insurance sectors that fuel its economy. While Delaware experienced some setbacks due to declining defense spending and an influx of overseas competition for some manufacturing jobs, Delaware continues to diversify its economy by welcoming corporate relocations with open arms.