10 Must-Try Restaurants in Chincoteague, VA

Restaurants in Chincoteague, VAVIRGINIA - Chincoteague Island has many beautiful restaurants. We've listed some of our favorites to help you choose. The Village Restaurant is one of many choices. Others include Etta's Channel Side Restaurant and Mr. Baldy's Family Restaurant. Check them all out! While in the area, be sure to visit the Chincoteague Museum.

10 Must-Try Restaurants in Chincoteague, VA

What to Eat in Chincoteague, Virginia

1. Ropewalk Restaurant, Chincoteague

Ropewalk is a beachfront dining establishment on Virginia's barrier island. The restaurant has an outdoor area that includes tiki bars and fire pits. Chincoteague's premier waterfront dining is another name for the restaurant. The Ropewalk offers indoor dining, live entertainment, and a Raw Bar. This beachfront restaurant can also be used for weddings or events.

2. Bill's Prime Seafood & Steaks

Bill's Prime Seafood & Steaks is a must-visit in Homey. The mainstay serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Choose from fresh steaks or seafood and enjoy the full-service bar. Live entertainment is available for guests. The restaurant is open every day of the week for drinks.

3. Don's Seafood Market & Restaurant

Don's Seafood Market & Restaurant is a casual restaurant that serves local seafood. The daily menu includes a wide variety of seafood. Don's offers a variety of meals, including seafood platters and oyster stew. It's a great place for a casual family evening. The restaurant also offers daily specials, as well as a wide selection of wines. The restaurant is dockside at the Chincoteague Channel, and it offers a great view of the fishing fleet. The parking is ample for buses and accepts credit card payments. Don's offers dancing and live music every night.

4. AJ's on The Creek

AJ's On The Creek has a wide variety of seafood and local specialties. You can choose from various gluten-free, low-fat, and drink options. Outdoor seating is available, and kids are welcome. The food will please you whether you are here on business or for pleasure. The menu is diverse and includes everything from vegetarian dishes to seafood. They also offer a variety of lighter meals and have a complete wine list.

5. Steamers Restaurant

The casual eatery and bar serving up all-you-can-eat crabs, chicken, shrimp, and other dishes. The menu is varied enough to satisfy everyone. Steamers, which has been serving seafood on the beach for nearly 20 years, was bought by Pete, Leo, and Steve in 2008. The three brothers had all worked in the restaurants of their families in Connecticut, New York, and Virginia, where they were taught about hard work and dedication.

6. The Village Restaurant

The Village Restaurant, located at the waterfront, offers views of the harbor and island. The menu is primarily centered around fresh Chincoteague Oysters. However, you can order other items such as chicken, steak, and cheesecake. You can also enjoy your meal on the large deck. Bring your dog along for a picnic, or have a tasty lunch. The staff is amiable and accommodating. Food is served quickly and at a reasonable price. The decor and atmosphere are elegant.

7. Etta's Channel Side Restaurant

Etta's Channel Side Restaurant is a must-visit when visiting the beautiful island of Chincoteague in Virginia. This restaurant is located on the island's eastern side and overlooks Assateague Channel. It serves seafood as well as traditional seafood dishes. Enjoy the fresh seafood while watching the wildlife in the area. This restaurant is one of the most popular places on Chincoteague Island to enjoy the sunset. The family-friendly atmosphere, first-class dining indoors, and beach and tiki bars will make you feel right at home. You can also enjoy a gin martini on the decks or balconies in the evening.

8. Mr. Baldy's Family Restaurant

You'll be happy you stopped by for a meal after a day on the beach. This Down-home restaurant is known for its traditional breakfast. Menu items include subs, salads and homemade soups. While you dine, you can enjoy the sunset from the patio. Don't forget to try the local seafood dishes and other tasty items while you're there! Mr. Baldy offers American food on Chincoteague Island and can accommodate large groups. Don't feel embarrassed to wear casual clothes. The staff will encourage you to wear what makes you comfortable. Parking is easily accessible. The parking lot is free.

9. Chinco Tiki Caribbean Bar and Grill

This new restaurant's name is derived from the Caribbean-style food served here. Try the grilled chicken, fried dill pickles, veggie hamburgers, good beer, and lemonade. The restaurant is known for its friendly service and affordable prices. Many visitors have been impressed by the relaxed atmosphere. This bar is the perfect place to relax after a busy day or to enjoy a delicious meal. The restaurant is located on Main Street, overlooking the Chincoteague Channel. Bar here serves jerk chicken and shrimp po boy sandwiches. Here you can play giant Jenga.

10. Pico Taqueria

Pico Taqueria, a casual island restaurant, is an excellent choice for dinner. This restaurant is known for its gourmet-style tacos. It combines local ingredients with innovative cooking techniques to produce unique and delicious meals. Over the last five years, this family-run company has grown but has never forgotten its roots. The place will indeed become a Chincoteague Island staple with its growing fanbase. Pico Taqueria is a well-known food truck in Chincoteague. The food truck is also known for its frozen tacos and margaritas.