Visiting The Patsy Cline Museum in Nashville

TENNESSEE - The Patsy Cline Museum in Nashville, Tennessee, is a fantastic tribute to a country music legend. This museum is worth a visit for fans of the singer's music, even if they don't know much about her.

Exploring The Patsy Cline Museum in Nashville, Tennessee
Photo: Patsy Cline Museum in Nashville

 Exploring The Patsy Cline Museum in Nashville, Tennessee


One of the main attractions of the Patsy Cline Museum is its interactive exhibits.  Visitors can experience what it was like to work in a drugstore and perform on stage. They can also learn about the life of Patsy Cline and the impact she has made on the world of music.

Many of the museum's artifacts have never been seen before. These include Patsy Cline's personal belongings and a recreation of her home.

The Patsy Cline Museum is located on the second floor of the Johnny Cash Museum building. It is accessible by stairs or an elevator.

While the museum is smaller than the Johnny Cash Museum, it is still a great experience. The exhibits showcase hundreds of artifacts and personal items that tell the story of the country music legend.

A few highlights of the museum's exhibits include a replica of Patsy Cline's 1957 refrigerator and a black and white television replica. Other exhibits highlight Patsy Cline's dining room and her rec room. You can also view videos of Cline's performances and see her stage costumes.

Another museum you should check out is the Musicians Hall Of Fame. Although it is not focused on country musicians, it does feature memorabilia from several well-known artists.