Mansion House 1757 Restaurant in Fairfield Pennsylvania

PENNSYLVANIA - Located seven miles outside downtown Gettysburg, the Mansion House 1757 is a quaint bed and breakfast surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains. The establishment boasts an outdoor seating area and an impressive Farm-to-Table restaurant. Guests may also partake in the restaurant's fine dining offerings or opt for the pricier overnight accommodations.

Mansion House 1757 Restaurant in Fairfield Pennsylvania
Photo: Mansion House 1757 Restaurant


The Fairfield Inn Is A Historic Landmark In Fairfield, Pennsylvania

Dating back to 1757 when it was built as the Mansion House of Squire Miller.  The establishment is a fusion of old-world charm with modern-day amenities, including private baths and suites. During the Civil War, the facility served as a stagecoach stop, a Confederate field hospital, and a haven for those fleeing the ravages of the north.

The Fairfield Inn is arguably the oldest continuously operated inn in the country.  It's not surprising that it has hosted countless notable figures throughout its long and storied life. During the 1860s, General Robert E. Lee strode past the establishment, while in the present day, it has become a popular meeting place for business, social, and pleasure seekers.

The Fairfield Inn is lauded for its hospitality, food, and tavern fare.  Guests can dine in the tavern or enjoy a fine dining experience in the formal restaurant. The restaurant offers a large wine list and a wide range of local and imported beverages. The small luxury hotel boasts well-appointed rooms, tastefully decorated parlors, and spacious private baths. Guests may choose to stay in one of the individually decorated guest rooms or opt for the more spacious suites.

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