Where to Find The Best Hot Dogs in Miami, FL

Miami's Best Hot Dogs at Arbetter's MIAMI, FL - Originally,  Arbetter's Hot Dogs in Miami, Florida, was a little more than a hot dog stand.  It started as a quaint little stand that served hot dogs, soft drinks, and corndogs. Then, a new owner stepped in to keep it running. Today, it's an iconic hot dog chain.

Miami's Best Hot Dogs at Arbetter's
Photo: Arbetter's


Arbetter's Hot Dogs in Miami, Florida

The menu is simple. Arbetter offers four types of franks: a chili dog, a corn dog, a monster dog, and a hot dog. The chili dog has a unique recipe. It's a meaty quarter-pound beef dog topped with shredded cheese, chili sauce, and a sprinkle of chili powder. It's the perfect meal to satisfy your inner meat lover.

The best thing about Arbetter's Hot Dogs is its affordable prices. The menu also offers delivery to Miami via Postmates and online ordering. The restaurant has cute decor, outdoor seating, and indoor seating. Arbetter's Hot Dogs is a local, retro institution known for its chili, corn, and simple menu. In addition to the chili dog, it offers a small selection of other food items.

Arbetter's is the best hot dog joint in Miami, Florida. This retro spot serves up delicious franks. It also has the sexiest hot dog on the menu- a dog stuffed with chili, onions, and cheese. It's the perfect meal for a warm summer day. As a bonus, Arbetter's also has a website and an online ordering system.