Top 10 Best Pho Restaurants in Florida

Pho Restaurants in FloridaFLORIDA - Pho is an aromatic soup made with broth, rice noodles, and meat or vegetables.  You can customize it further with various condiments like bean sprouts, cilantro, lime wedge, Thai basil, jalapenos peppers, hoisin sauce, or sriracha sauce for an extra kick.

Top 10 Best Pho Restaurants in Florida


Where are The Best Pho Restaurants in Florida?

These Florida eateries will satisfy you if you're searching for a delicious bowl of pho. All have been highly rated by locals and promise an unforgettable experience.

Pho at Saigon Noodle & Grill in Orlando

Saigon Noodle & Grill is a longstanding family-run eatery specializing in traditional Vietnamese dishes like pho. In addition to its signature dish, this spot also serves shrimp spring rolls and crispy beef. If you're partial to pho, this spot should not be missed when visiting the Orlando area; its homey vibe and friendly staff make it the ideal destination for solo diners. 

Pho at Pho Kien Giang in Pinellas Park

If you're searching for an authentic Vietnamese restaurant that serves delicious bowls of pho, fried chicken wings, and more, Pho Kien Giang is your go-to spot. This unassuming establishment provides plenty of seating, delicious dishes, and plenty of room to sit. Plus, you can order drinks to go along with your meal, such as beer, wine, or iced tea - plus, the food here is incredibly tasty, with generous portions at reasonable prices.

Pho at Viet-Nomz in Orlando and Winter Park

Viet-Nomz in Winter Park and Orlando, FL, is a contemporary counter-serve restaurant specializing in classic Vietnamese fares like pho noodle soups and bowls, banh mi subs, and street tacos - not to mention their delicious caramel coffee that will leave your taste buds tingling. But, The signature item on their menu is undoubtedly their pho noodle soup. Additionally, they offer other Vietnamese delights like rice plates, Bahn mi sandwiches, and banh mi burgers.

Pho at Saigon Deli in Tampa FL

This counter-serve spot serves classic Vietnamese meals, like pho or vermicelli noodles, with packaged items. They also serve drinks like various hot and cold teas. This restaurant is an excellent option for lunch or dinner, but it can get busy. To ensure an enjoyable dining experience, plan by arriving at an off-peak time or ordering in advance. If you are looking for a hearty Vietnamese meal, you should try Pho at Saigon Deli. Their pho is excellent, with excellent portions and a fair price tag to match.

Pho at PK Noodles in Jacksonville

If you're in the mood for a hearty bowl of pho, PK Noodles is your go-to spot. They serve traditional pho soups, dishes like Bahn mi, small plates, and desserts. Their pho is fresh and authentic, offering generous portions at reasonable prices. Plus, their service is prompt, with a menu offering something for everyone - there's something on offer here!

Pho at iPho Noodle House in Lake Mary

Pho is one of the hottest dishes on the menu at iPho Noodle House. They offer an expansive menu with an impressive selection of pho, noodles, chowders, and more - all served casually for no-fuss dining without compromising on quality food or service. Their pho is top-notch, while customer service is second to none at their Oaks of Lake Mary shopping plaza in Orlando's central business district. 

Pho at Pho Cali in Sarasota

Pho Cali is a downtown Sarasota institution that delivers authentic Vietnamese food with a modern flair. If you're searching for authentic Vietnamese fare with plenty of variety, look no further than Pho Cali. Their pho is delicious, and their spring rolls have plenty of flavors. Plus, they have an extensive drinks menu to accompany your meal. This place is excellent even for those new to Vietnamese cuisine; staff will happily assist patrons through the selection.

Pho at Pho Hoa Noodle Soup in Orlando

If you're in the mood for delectable Vietnamese soup, Pho Hoa Noodle Soup in Orlando is your go-to spot. They offer an extensive menu with many low-fat and gluten-free dishes; plus, they serve beer and wine to go along with it! With such a casual chain location that's easy to locate, their menu items will surely please your palate. The pho is this show's star; they offer a wide variety of meats, including tripe and meatballs, and their pork buns are also worth checking out.