5 Best Karaoke Bars in Philadelphia

Karaoke Bars in PhiladelphiaPHILADELPHIA – Live karaoke in Philadelphia is as abundant as YB's and McGillin's. Below are some places where the staff like to sing their favorite songs.

Photo: William King

1. Yakitori Boy Karaoke

Yakitori Boy is one of the best karaoke venues in Philadelphia. They have several private karaoke rooms and a low-pressure main room. If you're an experienced singer, this is a great place to practice.

2. McGillin's Olde Ale House Karaoke

It's a friendly place with live music and a welcoming atmosphere.  You can enjoy your favorite songs and grab a bite late at night. There are also food specials for guests who want to stay up all night. In addition, there is cheap food and drinks.

3. Nat Mechanics Karaoke

It's a great way to finish the week in style. Philadelphia offers a variety of karaoke options, including classic rock, pop music, and even classical rock. At the National Mechanics Karaoke Bar, you can sing along with strangers and friends. Despite not having a DJ or stage, it's a friendly, fun atmosphere.

4. Tattooed Mom's Karaoke

 Tattooed Mom on South Street is a Philadelphia dive bar that offers karaoke. It also features a sticky-art machine and creative cocktail options. There's a vegan menu at the karaoke and a wine list. They have a beer, vegan and a comprehensive wine selection.

5. Mickey's Tavern Karaoke

This bar was recently named Best of Philadelphia as having the best Karaoke Night in 2019. There is an extensive menu and regular karaoke events. The bar hosts a variety of events, including karaoke. With its intimate setting, this place is perfect for beginners and more experienced singers.