Philadelphia Is a Top Bird Watching City

Travel Map IconPENNSYLVANIA - As urban populations increase, more people participate in outdoor activities such as bird watching. Philadelphia offers many parks, forests, and nature centers where aspiring or experienced birders can observe local species and catch glimpses of migrants traveling between regions.

Philadelphia Is a Top Bird Watching City

Fairmount Park, Bald Eagle State Park, and Awbury Arboretum have long been recognized as popular spots for birding.  Anyone interested can join guided walks at these spots and others across the region to explore bird habitats supporting local species.

Experts are increasingly concerned about the future of birding as its community evolves, becoming increasingly diverse with independent groups like Philly Queer Birders - established for the LGBT community - and In Color Birding providing welcoming spaces where all can share their passion for birds.

Joe Durrance, a graduate student in Penn's Masters of Environmental Studies program, is conducting a capstone project tracking bird strikes on campus as part of his master's thesis. His findings reveal that switching off lights at night during spring and fall migration periods is one way to decrease collisions with buildings and birds.

Though bird populations have decreased slightly due to human activities, Pennsylvania remains rich with birding opportunities. From its majestic Appalachian Mountains to farmland and wooded slopes of central PA and state forests and parks -- including Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area -- Pennsylvania stands out as an exceptional state to view and enjoy birds.