5 Best: Must-Try Coffee Shops in Nashville

Must-Try Coffee Shops in Nashville NASHVILLE, TN - There are many great coffee shops in Nashville, TN, but some stand out as must-try locations. Some of the best places to visit are the Barista Parlor, Café Intermezzo, 8th & Roast, Bongo Java, Sump Coffee, and the Starbucks location. Each place has something unique to offer.

Must-Try Coffee Shops in Nashville
Must-Try Coffee Shops in Nashville


Where are The Best Coffee Shops in Nashville

1. 8th & Roast

There are plenty of reasons why 8th and Roast Coffee Company deserves a spot on your radar.  For starters, the company is a relative newcomer compared to other notable players in the Nashville coffee market. And the good news is that this locally owned coffee shop will soon be able to offer its signature caffeine fix to travelers departing from the Nashville International Airport. The company's flagship store is 15 minutes from the downtown core in West Nashville's 8th Avenue / Melrose neighborhood. In addition to the retail space, a nifty Barista Parlor is in the works in the Sylvan Supply space. A second permanent airport location is expected to open sometime this year.

2. Café Intermezzo

The Cafe Intermezzo is a full-service cafe that serves European-style pastries, desserts, coffees, and drinks.  They also offer a variety of meals, including brunch and dinner. It is open daily and has an island bar. You can sit at the bar and order a latte or a cappuccino. There are many reasons to visit this cafe, but its most significant selling point is its ambiance. This coffeehouse has a sophisticated look and feel, with walnut paneling and high-end light fixtures. This place is known for its coffee, though it is not the only place in Nashville to enjoy a cup.

3. Barista Parlor

Barista Parlor is one of the most popular coffee shops in Nashville.  This unique coffee house is filled with a great atmosphere and serves high-quality coffee. There are five locations of Barista Parlor in the city. Each has a unique interior with an upscale, hip, and comfortable feel. The decor includes local designers and artists. Barista Parlor also features an incredible menu of flavors and options for you to choose from. It's a great place to get your work done or hang out with friends. They also serve breakfast most of the day and offer takeout. With a bright, airy interior and a laid-back atmosphere, this is a great place to study, meet with friends, or enjoy a drink. They even have live music events occasionally.

4. Sump Coffee

Sump Coffee is one of the top coffee shops in Nashville, Tennessee.  With an enticingly laid-back, hipster feel, Sump is the place to get a quality cup of joe. This Nashville coffee shop opened in late 2017. The cafe's primary goal is to serve great coffee. In addition to their espresso drinks, Sump serves six or seven specialty pour-over coffees, including light roasts from single origins. The cafe also offers cakes and merchandise. The sump is known for its friendly service, as well as its low prices. You can get roasted coffee in-house and a selection of coffee-making equipment. There is plenty of seating at the cafe. The interior is bright and inviting, with high ceilings and natural light. On the outside, you'll find a shaded area. Its ground floor location makes it convenient to visit.

5. Bongo Java

Bongo Java is one of the most popular coffee shops in Nashville, Tennessee.  The company is a small roaster that sources its beans from small-scale farmers in the United States and worldwide. This Nashville coffee shop serves a wide selection of coffees, including its brand of freshly roasted beans. There are also several baked goods on the menu. It also has a lovely outdoor patio that is great for people-watching. The restaurant at Bongo Java is especially vegetarian-friendly. They also have over 500 games for coffee drinkers to play. This coffee shop is known for its warm atmosphere, delicious food, and excellent coffee. However, its popularity draws a young crowd so the place can get busy. This coffee house has two locations: East Nashville and Music Row in downtown Nashville. In addition to their regular menu, they also have a small selection of sandwiches and bagels.