Who Makes the Best Popcorn in Chicago? A Delicious Debate

Deciding the "Best" Popcorn in Chicago: A Matter of TasteCHICAGO - Chicago has a rich culinary scene, and popcorn is no exception.  From classic movie theater fare to gourmet flavor combinations, there's something for every popcorn palate in the Windy City. But with so many options, who reigns supreme?

Who Makes the Best Popcorn in Chicago?
The Windy City's Popcorn Powerhouses: A Guide to Chicago's Best

Deciding the "Best" Popcorn in Chicago: A Matter of Taste

Deciding the "best" popcorn is subjective, as taste preferences vary greatly. However, two names consistently top the charts for Chicago popcorn: Garrett Popcorn Shops and Wells Street Popcorn.

Garrett Popcorn Shops:

  • Famous for Their signature Garrett Mix, a combination of their CheeseCorn and CaramelCrisp recipes.
  • I am known for Using high-quality ingredients and a unique copper kettle-popping process that creates a crispy texture.
  • Additional offerings: They offer a wide variety of other flavors, from savory to sweet, as well as gift tins and baskets.
  • Reviews: Customers rave about the addictive combination of sweet and salty in the Garrett Mix and the overall quality of the popcorn.

Wells Street Popcorn:

  • Famous for: Their Chicago Mix, a blend of cheddar and caramel popcorn similar to Garrett Mix.
  • I am known for Offering a wide variety of unique flavors, such as Birthday Cake, Cookies and cream, and White Cheddar and cracked Pepper.
  • Additional offerings: They offer popcorn tins, gifts, and a subscription service.
  • Reviews: Customers appreciate the diverse flavor options and the generous portions at Wells Street Popcorn.

Ultimately, the "best" Chicago popcorn comes down to personal preference.

Here are some additional factors to consider when making your choice:

  • Flavor profile: Do you prefer classic sweet and salty, or are you adventurous with unique flavor combinations?
  • Price: Garrett Popcorn Shops tends to be slightly more expensive than Wells Street Popcorn.
  • Availability: Both shops have locations throughout Chicago, but Garrett Popcorn Shops also has a more comprehensive national presence.

No matter who you choose, you will surely enjoy a delicious Chicago popcorn experience. So grab a bag, settle in, and savor the Windy City's finest.