Michigan Best Reuben Is at Zingerman' Deli in Ann Arbor

MICHIGAN - Zingerman's Deli has been a local favorite serving generous deli sandwiches and specialty foods since 1982. And this deli in Ann Arbor is always busy as locals line up to grab one of their famous Reubens. In addition to an extensive menu, the deli also features a large selection of specialty groceries.


The deli has been in business for over 40 years and features an in-house bakehouse.  Allowing Zingerman's to offer their very own homemade sandwich bread makes this deli's sandwiches a cut above the rest. They use organic grains from the Great Lake State and farm-fresh butter and milk. They also have a wide selection of cured hams.

Zingerman's Deli is the quintessential Ann Arbor experience.  Its Reuben is consistently ranked as the best sandwich in the country, and its owners are devoted to providing a great dining experience to their customers. Zingerman's has spent over two decades finding the best ingredients for their signature sandwiches, and it shows. The deli's menu features sandwiches, side salads, and baked goods.

While the Reuben sandwich is one of the simplest but very hard to perfect, there are various flavors and preparations.  The Reuben here is done just right, but warning it is often messy, with piled-on melted swiss cheese. The freshly cut, tender corned beef is also a bonus, which is piled on generously. So, next time you are in Ann Arbor, stop by Zimgerman's at; 422 Detroit St, Ann Arbor, MI 48104.