The Wizard of Oz Museum in Wamego Kansas

The Wizard of Oz Museum in Wamego KansasKANSAS - The Wizard of Oz Museum in Wamego, Kansas, is fun for all ages.  The story has become a classic, made into a 1939 film and a Michael Jackson remake. Visitors will have the chance to see the original story and even visit the movie sets, including the infamous Wicked Mansion.

The Wizard of Oz Museum in Wamego Kansas
Photo: Wizard of Oz Museum

The Wizard of Oz Museum

The museum features an extensive collection of memorabilia from the famous MGM movie.  Visitors can see the first editions of Baum's books and the dioramas of the main characters. There's also a gift shop with plenty of oz collectibles.

Visitors can see thousands of pieces of memorabilia, including costumes and props used in the movie. The museum also showcases rare dolls and costumes in excellent condition. Visitors can also see photos and notes from MGM's vaults. There are also video kiosks and text placards for guests to learn about the stories behind the pieces.

The Oz Museum in Wamego is a great place to experience the entire Wizard of Oz experience. The museum is next to a winery, and guests can sample Oz wines free of charge. If you're hungry, you can also grab a bite at Toto's Tacoz. The tacos at Toto's Tacoz are fresh, tasty, and flavorful!