Where is Oklahoma's Oldest Running Bar

Where is Oklahoma's Oldest Running BarOKLAHOMA - Eischen's Bar is not just any ordinary bar - it is a historic landmark located at 109 N 2nd Street in Okarche, Oklahoma.  Since its inception in 1896, Peter Eischen has played a significant role in the community's history. Known initially as Eischen's Saloon, this establishment quickly became a beloved gathering place for locals and travelers.

Where is Oklahoma's Oldest Running Bar
Eischen's Bar is not just any ordinary bar

Eischen's Bar Is Not Just Any Ordinary Bar

However, as the years passed, Eischen's Faced its fair share of obstacles. With the arrival of Statehood and the subsequent enforcement of Prohibition, the saloon was forced to shut its doors. The vibrant and lively atmosphere that once filled the bar was suddenly silenced.

Fortunately, Eischen's Bar was given a new lease on life at the end of Prohibition. Nick and Jack Eischen, Peter Eischen's son and grandson, were determined to resurrect the family legacy. With unwavering dedication and hard work, they rebuilt the bar from scratch. Their efforts paid off on that memorable day - August 9th, 1993, when Eischen's Bar reopened and once again welcomed the public.

Despite facing setbacks and challenges, Eischen's Bar has managed to preserve some mementos that survived a devastating fire in 1993. Among these treasures is a small section of the antique back bar, a testament to the bar's enduring spirit and resilience.

Today, Eischen's Bar is widely recognized for its charming rustic atmosphere and palpable friendly ambiance. It has truly stood the test of time and remains a beloved establishment in the community. However, what truly sets this bar apart is its renowned crispy fried chicken, a long-standing tradition that spans generations. Prepared using a secret family recipe, the chicken continues to captivate visitors, making it a must-try delicacy for anyone venturing into Eischen's Bar. Alongside this mouthwatering specialty, the menu offers simple yet delicious sides that complement the star of the show perfectly.

Visiting Eischen's Bar is more than just enjoying a meal or a drink. It's an opportunity to immerse oneself in a rich history and experience the warmth and hospitality passed down through generations.