Top 8 Best Restaurants in Cincinnati

Top 8 Best Restaurants in CincinnatiCINCINNATI - Whether you're looking for the best restaurants in Cincinnati for a romantic date or planning a big celebration, you'll find some of the best restaurants in Cincinnati here.

Best Restaurants in Cincinnati
Photo: Catch-a-Fire Pizza

 Where Are The Best Places to Eat in Cincinnati

1. Catch-a-Fire Pizza

Founded as a food truck in Cincinnati, Catch-a-Fire Pizza has expanded its menu to include a freestanding brick-and-mortar restaurant in Blue Ash. Originally a food truck, the pizza joint is now a full-service dine-in restaurant with an outdoor patio. The restaurant has an open kitchen and a Bob Marley vibe. Amy Youngblood Interiors designed its interior.The menu includes artisan salads, wood-fired appetizers, and desserts. There are twenty beers on tap, including local and craft beer. The restaurant also features house-made wine and cocktails. The restaurant recently launched a brunch program. They serve a variety of upscale items, including a four-course dinner for two. The restaurant also offers carryout and delivery. It has a gluten-free menu and weekly live music.

2. Northside Yacht Club

Located in the booming Cincy 'hood of Northside, Northside Yacht Club is not actually on the Ohio River. However, it is one of two landlocked boat clubs in the city. As such, the restaurant is a great spot for a pre-dinner cocktail or nightcap. The restaurant has an excellent menu, and its staff is friendly. This place deserves to be on your list of restaurants in Cincinnati.The bar has a wide selection of craft beers and cocktails and a nice-sized patio. Aside from the requisite bar food, the restaurant has impressive vegetarian and vegan options. The aforementioned is a nice perk, but the restaurant is also known for its house-smoked meats and impressive cocktails.

3. The Lonely Pine Steakhouse

Located in the new Pleasant Ridge district, the Lonely Pine Steakhouse is a modern-day steakhouse that offers high-quality food at a reasonable price. The menu boasts several mouthwatering steaks, appetizers, classic American side dishes, and desserts. The restaurant offers carryout services, as well as table service. Owners Jacob Trevino and Otto Baum are Texas natives taking their love of fine dining to Cincinnati. This is the first foray into food service for the duo. The steakhouse is located at 6085 Montgomery Road in Pleasant Ridge. The restaurant is scheduled to open on March 30. The Lonely Pine is the first in a series of new restaurants that will open in the neighborhood. A full bar menu is also on the menu.

4. Jeff Ruby's Precinct

Jeff Ruby's Precinct is a steakhouse in the historic Cincinnati Precinct that offers some of the best steaks in the city. The restaurant opened in 1981 and is now one of the most popular spots in the city. This restaurant is also the longest-running white tablecloth restaurant in the city. The restaurant features a full-service bar and a menu that includes a variety of handcrafted steaks and seafood dishes. It also offers wine, bourbon, and cocktails. The restaurant also has an entire stage used for live music performances. The restaurant also has valet parking. Jeff Ruby is a well-known celebrity in the city. He is also a restaurateur, manager of Holiday Inns, and a culinary entrepreneur. He opened his first restaurant, The Precinct, in 1981. He also operates Carlo & Johnny's and the new Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse.

5. Dear Restaurant & Butchery

Located in Hyde Park, Dear Restaurant & Butchery is the ideal place to impress your friends. Aside from fine dining, the establishment also sells wine, coffee, and take-home meat cuts. In the warmer months, the establishment offers a large outdoor patio. Aside from the restaurant's signature dish, the best dish in the house is the Vol au Vent (for the wink). This fancy-pants dish is a veritable feast of braised lamb shanks, served on a bed of shaved truffles and crowned with a braided puff pastry. The best part is that it's reasonably priced. The dish is one of the few items I've ever ordered on the menu.

6. Camp Washington Chili

Founded in 1940, the Camp Washington Chili Restaurant in Cincinnati is a local landmark. It offers a full menu of breakfast foods, hot dogs, beverages, and chili. It's located in a 1940s-style space and is open 24 hours a day. The restaurant is closed on Sundays. The chili is the star of the show. Camp Washington Chili serves its signature Cincinnati five-way chili. It's topped with cheddar, onions, and red kidney beans. In addition to chili, Camp Washington Chili offers double-decker sandwiches, tuna sandwiches, and grilled cheese. They also have a breakfast menu with egg sandwiches, French toast, and pancakes. There are a few more menu items, including traditional grilled cheese, hot dogs, and turkey sandwiches.

7. Tickle Pickle Restaurant

Located in Cincinnati's Northside neighborhood, Tickle Pickle has been a popular spot for locals and tourists for nearly seven years. As the name suggests, the restaurant is a music-themed burger joint that offers reasonably priced food and drinks in a lively environment. Besides burgers, the menu includes vegan, vegetarian, and meat-free options. The restaurant also offers craft beers, shakes, sandwiches, and take-out.One of the more exciting features of the Tickle Pickle is its unique music-themed cocktail menu. Some of the cocktails feature names inspired by notable rock bands and singers. The restaurant also offers unique and creative mixed drinks.

8. Bridges Nepali Cuisine

Whether you want to get Nepalese food delivered to you or want to try it out yourself, Bridges Nepali Cuisine in Cincinnati, Ohio, can help you out.  You can order the menu online or get delivery services through Postmates. The food at Bridges Nepali Cuisine is fresh and unique. The menu features a selection of Nepali dishes such as chicken tikka, vegetarian samosas, and bun cha. They also serve draft beer and craft beers. They have indoor seating and an outdoor patio for dining. Bridges also have a wide selection of Nepali beers. If you are looking for something different, you should try the momos. These are similar to pot stickers, filled with minced meat. They are also served with two dipping sauces. The sauces are cilantro-based and chunky with spicy green peppers.