Visiting The Devil's Crossroads in Mississippi

Visiting Devil's Crossroads in Clarksdale MSMISSISSIPPI - Visiting Devil's Crossroads in Clarksdale, Mississippi, is a great way to experience the city's rich blues history. The area was home to Robert Johnson, a famous blues singer, and songwriter. His music influenced Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, and Eric Clapton.

Visiting Devil's Crossroads in Clarksdale MS
Photo: Devil's Crossroads

The Crossroads Is A Popular Photo Op For Blues Enthusiasts

Located in Clarksdale, Mississippi, Devil's Crossroads is a popular spot for blues enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in the rich musical history of the city. It serves as a significant photo opportunity, attracting visitors from all over. The crossroads gained fame due to its association with Robert Johnson, a legendary blues singer and songwriter. According to folklore, Johnson sold his soul to the devil at this very spot in exchange for unparalleled musical talent.

This mythical story has fascinated people far beyond the boundaries of the Delta, capturing the attention of rock stars in the 1960s who sought Johnson's successors. Additionally, the crossroads has inspired numerous blues songs, further cementing its place in music history.

Clarksdale, Mississippi is not only known for Devil's Crossroads but also for the presence of the Delta Blues Museum and the Delta Blues Trail, offering visitors a comprehensive experience of the genre's birthplace. The museum houses valuable artifacts, while the trail showcases 100 monuments honoring influential blues figures of the Delta.

Moreover, Clarksdale offers other notable attractions such as the Cathead Delta Blues & Folk Art and Ground Zero Blues Club. These venues provide opportunities to discover blues memorabilia and enjoy live music performances. Owned by actor Morgan Freeman, Ground Zero Blues Club has become a thriving hub for blues music enthusiasts.

In conclusion, with its vibrant blues scene, remarkable landmarks, and a plethora of events like the Juke Joint Festival, Clarksdale, Mississippi is a must-visit destination for anyone passionate about Delta blues.