4 Must-Try Craft Beer Breweries in Cincinnati, OH

Must-Try Craft Beer Breweries in Cincinnati, OHOHIO - Cincinnati's beer scene is a mix of big and small, traditional and quirky. You can check out Rhinegeist Brewery (also located in the city) or the hipster-friendly 3 Points Urban Brewery. These places are open seven days a week and feature original works of art by local artists.

Cincinnati's Insane Craft Beer Scene
Photo: Listermann Brewing Co.

Cincinnati's Insane Craft Beer Scene

1. Listermann Brewing Co.

The Listermann Brewing Company was founded in 2006 by Dan Listermann. In 2017, the brewery expanded to its former homebrewing space and added a kitchen. In honor of the brewery's 10th anniversary, Listermann is planning an extensive festival celebrating the local beer scene. The event will surely capture the community spirit and offer a sampling of brews from 20 breweries. The Listermann Brewing Company is a Cincinnati institution. It has not always had the perfect location or fancy brewing system, but it is one of the city's oldest and most famous breweries. The brewery was started by Dan Listermman, who first tried to homebrew beer back in the 1970s. It took him 15 years to perfect the craft, but he persevered. He joined the Bloatarian Brewing League, where he learned how to make beer.

2. Esoteric Brewing Co.

The Esoteric Brewing Co. is located in a newly renovated building.  The brewery's logo is a lotus flower symbolizing beauty overcoming adversity. The brewery is a new venture; it will take time before its first beer keg. The brewery is focusing on traditional beers. It is especially partial to Belgian recipes. It also strives to serve its beers with the proper glassware. It also aims to provide customers with a unique taproom experience and is committed to front-of-house service. One hundred fifty people, including 26 residents, own the company.

3. MadTree Brewing Co.

Founded in 2013, MadTree is a craft beer company that focuses on connecting people with nature.  Its mission is to craft great beer and build something larger than itself. They care about the community and the environment, and they've taken steps to reduce their impact. They're also members of the 1% for the Planet organization, which promotes environmental sustainability. MadTree has had to expand to meet its growing demand. They have added 100 barrels of fermentation space in the past four months. This is more than double their original goal. In addition, they've surpassed their goal for year two, and they're on track to brew six times more barrels this year than in the previous year. Despite their growing success, they still haven't reached their goal of reaching 10,000 barrels.

4. Wiedemann's Fine Beer

Cincinnati, Ohio, is a great place to visit for great craft beer.  The city is home to several excellent local breweries. Wiedemann's Fine Beer is popular with its wide selection of high-quality brews and excellent food. The tap room offers plenty of room to enjoy a beer with friends or family. It's also home to the nationally-acclaimed BrewDog microbrew chain, which has locations throughout the country and UK. The Wiedemann Brewing Company was founded in 1850 and was later joined by brothers Charles and George Wiedemann. The brothers later became vice president and superintendent, respectively. Cincinnatians noted their teamwork and commitment to quality at the time. In 1872, George Wiedemann, Jr., attended the Munich Practical Brewing Academy in Bavaria. Today, the brewery's label is nearly unchanged from its original design.