Visit The World's Largest Chile Pepper in New Mexico

Visit The World's Largest Chile Pepper in New MexicoNEW MEXICO - Located in the heart of Las Cruces, New Mexico, the Big Chile Inn and Suites has become a renowned destination for Scoville heat unit enthusiasts. Standing tall at an impressive 47 feet, the inn boasts an iconic chile pepper sculpture that never fails to capture the attention of its visitors.

Visit The World's Largest Chile Pepper in New Mexico
Photo: The World's Largest Chile Pepper

Once an ordinary Ramada Inn back in the 1960s, the hotel catapulted to fame when Clint Eastwood chose to stay there while filming Hang Em' High. However, it was in 2010 that the inn underwent a remarkable transformation that would forever change its identity.

David Girle, a visionary Australian engineer and owner of the inn, decided to create a unique attraction that would leave guests in awe. Drawing upon his connections in the Disney scene, Girle collaborated with experts to construct the extraordinary chile pepper sculpture, crafted meticulously using two-and-a-half tons of concrete. Since then, visitors have been flocking to the inn, eager to witness the world's largest chile pepper sculpture standing tall in all its glory.

Yet, the Big Chile Inn and Suites is not the only place in Las Cruces where chile enthusiasts can indulge in their passion. Hidden away at the New Mexico State University lies the renowned Chile Pepper Institute, offering a tantalizing opportunity to taste the succulent NuMex Big Jim chile pepper. This exceptional pepper variety, recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest chile pepper in the fruit category, entices visitors with its intense flavors and spicy kick.

By combining the larger-than-life chile pepper sculpture at the Big Chile Inn and Suites with the delightful and flavorful Big Jim chile pepper found at the Chile Pepper Institute, Las Cruces has unquestionably solidified its reputation as the ultimate epicenter of chile pepper tourism in America. For those seeking an unforgettable adventure filled with spicy thrills and culinary delights, Las Cruces holds the key to an unparalleled chile experience.