Spend Your Evening At the Grand Ole Opry Show in Nashville

Grand Ole Opry Show in NashvilleTENNESEE - The Grand Ole Opry is one of the longest-running live radio shows worldwide, first airing its inaugural broadcast in 1925 and broadcasting to millions since. Boasting legendary country artists and modern chart toppers alike, The Grand Ole Opry provides entertainment across both genres.

Experience Nashville like never before at the Grand Ole Opry with unforgettable memories you won't soon forget! Music enthusiasts and those just exploring Nashville shouldn't miss this legendary musical tradition! Don't miss it!

Even Those Unfamiliar With Country Music Recognize This Song's Fame.

Sitting comfortably on either mezzanine seating or main floor digs of the Grand Ole Opry allows visitors to fully appreciate its rich history. Music thrives throughout Nashville, and many musicians began performing professionally at this iconic venue - many musicians began performing professionally there themselves! When these performers act live onstage at this iconic venue, their talents become evident - you cannot help but marvel at their abilities on instrument or drum while still producing beautiful vocal melodies!

Nashville's Grand Ole Opry is an iconic tourist attraction regardless of your musical taste. First created as an hour-long radio "barn dance" hosted by George Hay in 1925 and broadcast regularly on WSM radio and Circle TV since then, visitors can take an optional guided backstage tour - and hear stories about stars' dressing rooms before and after shows!

It's An Iconic Venue

For nearly 100 years, The Grand Ole Opry has made Nashville America's country music capital. Now, the Grand Ole Opry remains a fashionable venue and draws in several contemporary country musicians. Recognized as one of the premier venues for country music, it provides up-and-coming artists a platform to build their careers.

Country music fans looking for an experience will adore The Grand Ole Opry. Offering everything from show tickets and backstage tours, The Opry provides something special at its iconic stage for every music enthusiast.

Performers Often See This Venue As An Immense Privilege

Country music artists who perform at the Grand Ole Opry consider it an honor. Established nearly 100 years ago in Nashville, this legendary venue remains one of the world's premier concert stages today and home to many acclaimed musicians who first began their careers here - so being welcomed as a member is genuinely an impressive opportunity.

The Opry comprises more than 70 members, including 56 solo artists as cast members. Two duos (Old Crow Medicine Show and Diamond Rio) have replaced members since being inducted but maintain membership status. Jon Pardi joined The Opry after Food Network star Guy Fieri invited him during a performance at Stagecoach Indio California; he graciously accepted and was then surprised by Food Network star Guy Fieri!

At This Venue, There's Always An Exceptional Show To Enjoy

No matter your musical tastes, the Grand Ole Opry offers an unforgettable experience for everyone. Beginning as a weekly radio broadcast show in 1925, today it has evolved into one of the longest-running live music events ever staged - airing weekly on WSM, Circle TV, and digital streaming services such as VOD and iTunes Radio.

The Grand Ole Opry provides an intimate auditorium experience with cushioned pew seating reminiscent of churches. Able to accommodate over 4,000 attendees at any time and ideal for family outings - with concessions and alcohol available during certain events!

The Grand Ole Opry stands out as an experience that fosters an atmosphere of community. Announcers often refer to artists as part of the "Opera family," while performers appear genuinely humbled by their performances. Witnessing one of its shows will undoubtedly stir your emotions; don't visit Nashville without attending at least one concert!