Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish in Nashville

TENNASSEE - Nashville wouldn't be complete without experiencing its legendary hot chicken! You'll find it all over town, from longtime restaurants such as Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish to newer joints such as Hurt's, with Bolton's in East Nashville offering their traditional Southern fare like spicy chicken, ribs, catfish and sides in no-frills settings. See The Best 5 Spicy Hot Chicken Sandwiches in Nashville

Photo: Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish in Nashville

Bolton's Spicy Chicken & Fish

Bolton Polk used a family recipe to open Columbo's Chicken Shack on the East side decades ago. Still, when he became sick, he passed it along to his nephew Bolton Matthews and wife Dolly Matthews, who have used them ever since to keep their namesake restaurant operating successfully.

Bolton's offers an assortment of bone-in chicken parts ranging from legs, wings, and breasts to catfish and whiting filets that have been perfectly seasoned and fried to an audible crunch. In addition, their tasty selection of Southern sides such as turnip greens, potato salad, mac and cheese, and turnip greens is always delicious - each served at their discretion between mild or fiery levels of spice intensity.