The National Mustard Museum in Middleton, WI

WISCONSIN - The National Mustard Museum is one of Wisconsin's most fun places.  It's located in Middleton and displays the most extensive collection of mustard in the world. You can also visit the store to sample hundreds of varieties.

The National Mustard Museum in Middleton, WI
Photo: National Mustard Museum


Exploring The National Mustard Museum


Aside from mustard, you can see some vintage posters and collectible mustard pots, including an 1890s model.  There's also a video that tells you how to make mustard. The National Mustard Museum has been featured in several television programs.

The Mustard Museum is open from 10 am to 5 pm, seven days a week. Admission is free. However, it is closed on Christmas, New Year's Day, and Easter.

There is a museum dedicated to mustard, and it has a large tasting bar. They have an extensive collection of mustards from all over the world, and you can sample them all for free.

In addition to the museum, they have a gift shop where you can buy the museum's namesake. The gift shop is half the size of the main floor of the museum, and it features scores of different kinds of mustard.

You can take a guided museum tour for a small fee, which will get you 10 percent off your purchase. Also, you'll receive a complimentary parting gift, a nifty little bottle of mustard. During the coronavirus pandemic, the museum is open five days a week.

The National Mustard Museum hosts National Mustard Day on the first Saturday of August. This is a national celebration of the condiment, one of the most fun events.