Visiting The USS Lexington in Corpus Christi

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - Visiting The USS Lexington in Corpus Christi is one of the best attractions in the city.  This aircraft carrier was built during World War II for the United States Navy. Now, it serves as a naval aviation museum.

Photo: USS Lexington


Exploring The USS Lexington in Corpus Christi


During WWII, USS Lexington distinguished itself in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.  She logged 209,000 miles, becoming one of the largest aircraft carriers in the world. It was also the first foreign carrier to enter Tokyo Bay. In addition to its role in World War II, USS Lexington served as a training ship in Pensacola, Florida. In 2003, USS Lexington was designated as a National Historic Landmark.

USS Lexington is one of the world's oldest Essex Class aircraft carriers.  It has a two-acre flight deck and houses 20 vintage combat aircraft. The flight deck is wheelchair accessible. Its engines are powered by four steam turbines that produce 150,000 horsepower.

USS Lexington is open seven days a week, year-round. It offers guided tours and self-guided tours.  The museum also has an escape room and a flight simulator. Visitors can also explore the ship's engine room and hangar deck.

An independent nonprofit organization operates the USS Lexington museum.  It relies on donations and revenues from the ship's store sales. The museum was opened in October 1992. USS Lexington is open seven days weekly, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. During the weekends, it is open until 6:30 p.m. It is closed on Christmas and Thanksgiving days.