Dodge City Kansas - The La Salsa Muffler Man

KANSAS - There are several things to see in Dodge City, Kansas. One of them is the La Salsa Muffler Man. This statue is located across from the municipal building. The other is the Mobil Man. Both of these sculptures were donated by artist Dennis Hopper, who was born in Dodge City and spent his childhood in southwest Kansas. Although he is no longer alive, his estate donated his artwork to the town.

The La Salsa Muffler Man and Mobil Man
Photo: The La Salsa Muffler Man

The La Salsa Man was originally a soda jerk. He was missing a few accessories over the years. Now, he stands between a new storyboard and Stan Herd panels depicting the railroad's progress at 3rd Avenue and Vine Street.

The American Giants also visited Dodge City. In addition to the Muffler Man, Dodge City has many other exciting attractions. The Boot Hill Distillery is a historic building on a hill overlooking the main drag. It was once the site of the original Boot Hill Cemetery. It later became a school and then the city government offices. Now, it's a popular attraction.

If you are looking for a fun date night, you've come to the right place. Dodge City has three different dining areas. You can choose from a traditional steakhouse dining room, an intimate atmosphere in an old train car, or an elegant dining experience in a converted train car.