Visiting Forrest Gump Bench Site in Savannah

GEORGIA - Those who have seen "Forrest Gump" may remember the scene in which Gump sits on a park bench in Chippewa Square. The bench is positioned on the north side of the square. Azaleas and oak trees shade it.

Visiting Forrest Gump Bench Site in Savannah


Forrest Gump Sits On A Park Bench In Chippewa Square

Chippewa Square is one of the most beautiful squares in Savannah.  The square was designed in 1815 as part of the War of 1812. The court commemorates the Battle of Chippewa, a battle fought by men from the Colony of Georgia. It also features a statue of General John Oglethorpe.

The square is located at the intersection of Bull and McDonough streets. The square is a popular location for tourists and locals. Towering oak trees shade it.

The square is also home to many other attractions. Visitors can find the Historic Savannah Theatre and the Eastman-Stoddard House. There is also a nine-foot statue of John Oglethorpe, the founder of the Colony of Georgia.

In the movie, Forrest Gump sits on a bench waiting for a bus. As he does, a feather from a church flies by and lands at the base of the bench.

The bench in the Forrest Gump movie was a prop. The real bench was removed after filming, but a copy was donated to the Savannah History Museum.

The bench is one of the most iconic pieces of movie furniture. In the movie, Gump sits on the bench for most of the film. The bench is made of fiberglass and was modeled after other benches in Savannah.