What is the State Bird of Connecticut?

CONNECTICUT - Among the many birds in Connecticut, one of the most common is the American Robin.  It has a brown back, a gray upper body, and a black head. The bill is yellow, and its legs are placed near the rear of the body.

What is the State Bird of Connecticut?
Photo: American Robin (Wiki)


The State Bird of Connecticut is The American Robin


The Connecticut state bird is usually unmarked and lays three to five eggs at a time.  Females incubate their eggs for two weeks. The young robins usually survive for only a few months.

The American robin is a member of the true thrush family. It is a migratory bird that lays bright blue eggs. It is also a popular songbird in the United States.

The American robin has a wingspan of 12 to 16 inches. It weighs between two and three ounces. It has a broken eye-ring, a yellow bill, and a white undertail. It is also swift and uses its agility to catch prey. It is considered a loyal bird.

The American robin can produce three broods a year. The average lifespan is about 14 years. The male has a slightly brighter plumage than the female. The American robin's chest feathers range from peach to red maroon.

The robin is considered to be a faithful bird. It has a sweet voice and can alert other creatures with its chirping. It is also very popular in backyards in Connecticut. Its bib is reddish brown. It is the fifth most common species in the state. It is found in the United States and Canada.