The 10 Best Barbecue Joints In Virginia

Best Barbecue Joints In VirginiaVIRGINA - Virginia often gets a bad rep when it comes to barbecue. Though known as the birthplace of American barbecue, much of its tradition died out around 1900; today it can be hard to find good barbecue in Virginia. However, Virginia boasts many incredible restaurants that take great pride in their heritage and produce mouthwatering BBQ dishes. Many utilize techniques and recipes passed down from generation to generation in order to offer guests an authentic BBQ experience.

Photo: East Coast Traveler (Pierce's Pitt Bar B-Q)

Where to Find The Best Barbecue In Virginia

1. Pierce's Pitt Bar B-Q in Williamsburg

Pierce's is widely considered the best barbecue in the state. It's one of the most famous bbq places in the east. Pierce's and Ned's were widely considered to be the best BBQ joints in the state. Pierce's Pitt Bar B-Qe offered some of the finest ribs and pulled pork. Specialty items include sliced steak, Famous Ribs sandwich platters, smoked Turkey, briskets, pulled pork, pork ribs, chopped beef, Texas hot links, and St. Louis's Ribs.

2. Buz and Ned's Real BBQ is located in Richmond

Buz and Ned's Real BBQ in Richmond, VA is a BBQ restaurant. Buz Grossberg has been on "Throwdown With Bobby Flay," winning the episode and "Man vs. Food." The restaurant is famous for its delicious BBQ dishes. You can order a full meal at Buz and Ned's with two sides, barbecued pork, pulled BBQ, chicken, beef, smoked wings, or combos. There are also several types of ribs on the menu, all of which are smoked with 100% hardwood. The baby back ribs are delicious in a sweet sauce.

3. Alllman's BBQ is located in Fredericksburg

Allman's BBQ in Fredericksburg is a well-known barbecue restaurant. The restaurant offers a hand-pulled, traditional pork barbecue sandwich. The sauce is vinegar-based. Allman's BBQ offers a wide variety of sides. Their creamy coleslaw is our favorite. Recently, they hired a new chef and expanded their menu. However, their classic sandwiches have been served for decades. The restaurant is located just outside the downtown Fredericksburg area in a small, authentic-feeling place with outdoor seating.

4. Checkered Pig Barbecue at Martinsville

Since 1997, The Checkered Pig Barbecue has been a restaurant in Martinsville, Virginia. The restaurant has received over 250 awards for its award-winning BBQ. Despite its small-town location, this popular BBQ restaurant is popular with barbecue lovers all over the country. They have great service and excellent food.

5. Moe's Original Barbeque in Charlottesville

The restaurant is part of a large chain that spans many southern states, but it's just as tasty as smaller family-owned barbecue joints. The restaurant is known for its delicious food and friendly customer service. The restaurant offers various barbecue dishes, such as ribs and chicken. They also serve turkey, sandwiches, and smoked turkey. The "Southern Fried Catfish" is their most popular dish. It's fried golden brown catfish served with a toasted bun and creamy tartar sauce. (It's delicious! You can also share the ribs and this dish with your dining companion.

6. Bubba-N Franks Smokehouse is located in Hampton

Bubba-N-Franks Smokehouse offers smoked chicken, pork, beef briskets, hams, turkeys, and sausages. The restaurant offers one of the largest selections of smoked foods. The BBQ nachos are a must-try, as well as the baked beans. There are also a few sweets. The banana pudding is delicious.

7. Bone Fire Smokehouse Abingdon

Bone Fire Smokehouse in Abingdon is a restaurant specializing in southern cuisine, ribs, and barbeque. This restaurant was featured on Travel Channel's "Man v. Food" show. Purists are the ones who do barbecue. To enjoy the authentic flavor of meat, all meats are smoked. Locals and tourists have praised the restaurant for its friendly service and delicious food. The restaurant also has super cute outdoor seats.

8. Old City Barbecue at Williamsburg

Old City Barbecue is a specialist in traditional barbecue techniques. Smokers are fueled with hardwood coals, and only the best meats, pasture-raised, locally sourced, and certified humane, are used. Visitors can experience some of the finest barbecues in Virginia at Old City Barbecue. The restaurant offers prime briskets, Heritage Farms ribs, pork belly, and sides such as collards, coleslaw, baked beans, and pasture-raised poultry. All food is prepared from scratch with high-quality ingredients.

9. King's BBQ Restaurant, Petersburg

King's BBQ Restaurant in Petersburg, Virginia, has been serving some of the finest barbecues in Virginia for many years. The restaurant is famous for its lean, flavorful, and tender brisket. King's BBQ offers a variety of perfectly cooked meats, including ribs and chicken. The staff is friendly and professional. They also have a busy takeout business. This makes for an excellent dining experience.

10. Smoked Kitchen & Tap in Crozet

Smoked Kitchen & Tap is one of Virginia's best barbecue restaurants. The restaurant offers various dishes, all cooked in the smoker. There are a few signature items at the restaurant, but there are also some more straightforward options for those who do not want to deal with all of the stress and fuss that comes with a full-service menu. Smoked Kitchen & Tap has some of the best BBQs in Virginia. There are many beer and wine choices and a seating area outside for those wishing to take in the sun while eating.