5 Must-Try New York City Steakhouses

NEW YORK CITY,  NYNEW YORK CITY,  NY - There's no better way to spend a Saturday evening in New York City than by dining at one of the city's best steakhouses. We've rounded up a list of the hottest spots to try in the city, including the award-winning Smith & Wollensky, the acclaimed Gage & Tollner, the delicious Bowery Meat Company, and the hip new eatery Carne Mare. Whether you're looking to enjoy a juicy steak or a plateful of pasta, you're sure to find something to please.

5 Must-Try New York City Steakhouses
Photo: Smith & Wollensky in NYC

Where are The Best New York City Steakhouses?

Smith & Wollensky in NYC

If you're looking for a great steak in NYC, you can't go wrong with Smith & Wollensky. Not only is the food good, but the service is top-notch. This is a perfect place to dine on business or enjoy a special meal. If you're into seafood, you'll also love Smith & Wollensky. It has a variety of seafood dishes on its menu, from lobster tails to shrimp.

One of the best things about Smith & Wollensky is its dry-aged steaks. The process takes several weeks, but the results are tender and delicious. The price is a bit on the high side, as you might expect. You'll pay between $120 and $150 for a dinner. However, you can get a steak for much less at other New York City steakhouses.

Carne Mare in NYC

Carne Mare is a newly opened Italian chophouse in NYC that aims to bring the Italian touch to an American classic. The menu is a fusion of the classic chophouse and regional Italian ristorante. Designed by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, the place boasts a wrap-around bar, outdoor seating, and a 15-seat bar that serves several specialty cocktails. At full capacity, the restaurant can accommodate up to 140 diners. Located on the waterfront of Pier 17, the space features nautical-themed decor and Art Deco-esque mirrors.

Carne Mare is a bi-level restaurant, meaning that the upper level is more for socializing and cocktails, while the lower level is more for upscale dining. The wine list features a variety of Italian and American wines.

Gage & Tollner in NYC

Gage & Tollner has been a steakhouse in business for over 100 years. It's located in Brooklyn's Fulton Mall. The location isn't known for its high-end restaurants, but the food is excellent. The restaurant serves steaks, seafood, and a selection of martinis. The bar offers fresh-shucked clams, lobster, and shrimp on ice. There are seven martinis on the menu. Gage & Tollner's fried chicken is beyond reproach. It's paired with springy cornmeal fritters and perky kale/kimchi slaw.

Bowery Meat Company in NYC

Bowery Meat Company is a steakhouse that aims to please. Featuring modern preparations and a balanced menu, it offers a variety of meats. There are several cuts of beef, including Wagyu and Diamond Creek Ranch. Besides steak, there is also an impressive wine list featuring broad-beamed cabernets. The restaurant is partnered with Postmates for delivery. You can also order the menu online.

Located in the Lower East Side, Bowery Meat is a steakhouse with a slightly upscale ambiance. Unlike its Midtown counterparts, it is more relaxed. A menu with several side dishes and a raw bar provides various options for hungry eaters.  Its signature dish is the Bowery steak, a trimmed rib-eye cap cut into thin strips with dark, crispy edges. The steak is served with a garlic-heavy raw chopped herb sauce.

Gallaghers Steakhouse in NYC

If you're visiting New York City, one of the best places to eat is Gallaghers Steakhouse. This iconic steakhouse has been around for almost a century. And they have a lot to offer. Their wedge salad is made with tomatoes, crisp bacon, and a little dressing. It's not over-dressed. They also serve a variety of other side dishes. These include baked clams, jumbo lobster, and stuffed jumbo shrimp.

The meat is prepared over hickory coals. The steak is cooked to perfection. You can order a jumbo Maine lobster or filet mignon at this steakhouse with a blue cheese crust. There are also lighter options, such as tuna steak. The restaurant is also known for its cocktails. The Hemingway Daiquiri is a classic and a must-try. But be careful: this drink is dangerously delicious.